Friday, September 24, 2010

The -BER Season

I always find it beautiful and wonderful when the -BER months come, especially in my home country, the Philippines. There is an air of gladness, people seem more cheerful and hopeful and nicer. It could only mean one thing: the Holidays and Christmas are fast approaching. People begin counting the days before Christmas and look forward to the surprises that await them.

For many bookstores and department stores, it means time to display and sell holiday cards and Christmas decors in varied shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Most shopping malls are seen decorated with huge Christmas trees, there are Holiday sales everywhere, the houses, buildings and streets seem brighter with Christmas lights and lanterns. Radios begin playing Christmas songs and carols.

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MJ Rodriguez said...

hi fellow expat...nakakamiss talaga ang pinas pag BER months na. Other countries just don't capture the same spirit that we have in our home country.

I suppose ganyan talaga ang buhay overseas :-)

BTW, I'm following you now.

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