Wednesday, September 22, 2010

University Struggles

It's not yet officially the Winter Semester. The Graduate Program is yet to start in October and yet, I have been juggling my time between home and school. I have blogged about me taking intensive German language lessons a number of times before and with five hours of German lessons, it could really be tasking and quite a challenge. I don't know why I was placed in the Level B2 class when my vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and the ability to speak the language could be compared to that of a child still learning how to speak. No, I am not being modest here. I just find it very difficult and stressful, I even notice myself losing some weight. And if this goes on for another three weeks or so, maybe I wouldn't need to take hoodia diet pills to lose weight anymore. I could go down to the fitness studio though to get some work done on my bulging tummy that looks as if I am five months pregnant.  

Luckily, I am in the afternoon class and  I still could get some homework done in the morning after taking my little girl to Kindergarten. I must admit, I had to make a lot of adjustments now that my parents-in-law are back in the Philippines and I am presented with the challenge of getting my little girl to eat breakfast before sending her to Kindergarten. Since last Monday, I managed to wake up early and prepare breakfast for the three of us. I hope this continues so that my body will get used to it and so that when October comes, we will all have already adjusted to the changes in our daily routine.

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K said...

such is the fate of moms all over the world. hee hee. ang galing mo nga magjuggle ng oras. di ko keri yan!


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