Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The World of Warcraft

Playing World of Warcraft (or is it just Warcraft, Dad?) is one of hubby's favorite past times, aside from practicing his guitar skills and playing with our little girl. This keeps his mind off work stuff. Despite the fact the it eats his time especially on weekends, I can't complain much because it relieves him of stress at work. He used to play DOTA too and he even has his wow accounts but now prefers to play the campaigns.

I can never really comprehend what gives him the adrenaline rush and excitement each time he triumphs from one campaign after the other. You think I should give it a try though? Hehe! Give me cheat codes first as I know I won't last a campaign without cheating as I am so bad with strategies! LOL! But let's just see... I think it would also interest him to go back to playing online especially with
cheap wow accounts now available. This I have to tell him...


Erica | Uprinting said...

Well you should give it a try, so that would be your bonding time with him. Then your baby can join in when she's much older. I can imagine how cute you guys will look. I used to play a lot of PC games too and its really addicting. But I don't use cheats anymore, it decrease the thrill of the game for me.

Ideas and Techs said...

wow, but i would love to see your hubby doing some scales on vid! :D

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