Monday, March 1, 2010

TCP March Theme

In case you are all wondering, here are the themes for Tuesday Couch Potatoes for the month of March 2010:

March 2: School Is Fun
Movies about school life, the struggles and the success stories, the peer pressure, the issue of fitting in, the great and not so great achievements, anything that depicts school life.

March 9: It Was A Disappointment
Movies that you had high expectations of and was so looking forward to watch but was totally a disappointment when you watched it.

March 16: Wedding Movies
Movies about weddings, the wedding preparations that go with it, the cold feet, the joys and the heartaches, and of course the magical feeling of walking down the aisle.

March 23: Spies and Espionage
Movies about spies and espionage, the action and the chase that go with it, the strategies and the seemly sleek moves of a spy, and don't forget that adrenaline rush!

March 30: Behind Bars
Movies about men behind bars, their story, the how and the why of their incarceration, are guilty as charged or victims of injustice?

I hope to see you all this March every Tuesday for our movie features.

1 comment:

Genefaith said...

looking forward to have entries every week:) Nice topics!

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