Thursday, March 4, 2010

GT: Vitals What???

It has been quite a busy day today. I had some important errands to do and it was quite stressful on my part considering that I had to communicate in German. But I was able to survive it. I only have the time now to sit down in front of the PC to blog about my Thursday meme entries. I thought the pressure and the stress have all ended, but NO, Anik made sure of that because today's theme for GT is none other than vital statistics***, age, height, weight TODAY.

Hmmm.... I know I have been complaining about how big I am today so whether I like it or not, here are my vitals:

AGE: 29 years old (turning 30 in less than 2 months)
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: last time I checked, I weighed 63 kilos. How much is that in pounds? You do the math!
VITAL STATS: 37 33 40 (lumba-lumba na aketch! oh my gulay! the tape measure cannot lie! lol!)

So you see, it's no wonder why I have been itching to hit the gym!

How about you? Are you in for the dare?


pehpot said...

daya mo! kame line of 3 lahat.. ikaw may 4

daya haha

naku marce pag nagsama sama ang marce club di na kasya sa jip bwahaha

Mys said...

I have no guts with this one. I think I'm small and fat. I'm afraid of the weighing scale and the tape measure. I was so decided to join pa naman in Girls Talk. Yung topics, di ko kaya.

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