Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally, A Haircut!

After a year of having gone to the hair salon for a haircut, I finally managed to make my very first appointment for a haircut here in Germany. My hair is already too long, and it's beginning to dry up and fall as a result of washing with warm water and blow drying. Two Sundays ago, I finally had my hair cut. A friend of our friends who is also a Filipina and works at a salon was the one who did my hair. I liked how it turned out although I do not know how to style it the way she did, hence no photo of me here... :D

I want something like this hair style that Julia Stiles is sporting.

She just cut a few inches of my hair off and then layered both sides. She didn't slash the back though although I would have preferred it if she did. I have thick hair you see and a slash hairstyle makes it a little thin. Anyway, it is still a bit cold so I guess I will just have to make another appointment with her when summer comes.

I hope to have my hair treated too because I want it straight. Since it is too expensive to have that done here, I guess I'll just to wait when we fet to schedule our home visit back to the Philippines.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

haircut.. I no get for almost 2 month.

layer is nice as your hair not that heavy too.

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