Monday, March 22, 2010

My Mom is Farsighted

My mother is turning 60 this year and in a recent phone conversation with her, I asked how her health is doing. She told me that she is on medication because she has high cholesterol and that she has difficulty walking because of high uric acid. She is feeling better now although she needs to work on her exercise... she has gained weight lately because she is also taking vitamins. These are surely clear signs that my Mom is not getting any younger.

I recall when I was still under her care and learning about the world. I would find her squinting each time she reads one of my homework or my report card or a book because she finds it difficult to read. She cannot see clearly when things are in close range, everything seems blurry but she can read and see clearly distant objects, a condition that is called as far-sightedness. This was corrected though, thanks to glasses that her eye doctor prescribed.

I don't recall her needing her eyeglasses these past few years. Perhaps it is mainly because of the fact that her farsightedness has already been corrected or it could be that her old pair is no longer usable or kaput. I'd better ask her the next time we talk how her eyes are doing. Just to make sure that all is indeed well with her eyes. If not, she can always see her eye doctor to see if she still requires glasses or not anymore.

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