Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Journey To Graduate School 3

I am one step closer to achieving my goal to completing my requirements for the Application for the M.Sc. WASTE Program at the University of Stuttgart. My TOEFL test results are finally in. I checked my scores online and I am very happy to learn that I passed the test. Thanks to all of you who believed in me. I have yet to receive the hard copy of the test results though and I hope to receive them before the second week of March ends so that I can forward it to the university.

As of the scores, hmmm... I don't want to divulge it yet lest my test scores online are different from what's written on the hard copy. So let's all wait a little longer... That is assuming that you are all interested in my scores. Hihi! Now that is another something to look forward to. (winks and grins)


sherry said...

I almost take part in the toefl test, hehe. I did go for the trial before its fun!

the test here must pay money one.

Mys said...

Yay! You Did It! That's Great!

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