Monday, March 8, 2010

TCP#28: Lady In The Water

Hello Couchers! Welcome to the March 9th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes, a weekly meme where we post about a movie each week. For this week we will feature movies that were a disappointment to you. I know that the movie teasers and trailers are what initially makes a new movie something to look forward to. But sometimes, the teasers and trailers do not exactly tell the entire story. That's why when we go trooping down to the cinemas to watch that awaited movie, we already have our high hopes and expectations. Have you ever experienced watching a movie that you were really looking forward to but was flabbergasted and disappointed to find out that it was not what you expected it to be? I know you have your own share of this types of movies so come share it with us here this week.

I have a number of movies that got me all pouting (because I was mad) after watching it. My pick would be Lady In The Water. I had high hopes for this movie, so looking forward for it to be shown on the big screen and hoping that it will leave me with all my questions (about Narfs and the Blue Water) answered and feel satisfied that all is well. That didn't happen. This movie is actually about a bedtime story that director/producer M. Night Shyamalan told his children. It's about Story, the "Narf" who has a mission to send a message to the world and then go back to her world. She is prevented from returning home by the "Scrunts", grass-covered creatures that lie preternaturally flat. She is initially out in our world to find The Vessel in the form of writer Ran (M. Night Shyamalan). Rad is believed to be the visionary whose writing will better humanity and influence many a great people. Having found him and delivered her "message", she now has to return to the Blue Water but she will need a Guardian, Guild, Healer, and Symbolist in order to return to her world. The characters are so confusing. I could not make out which is which and I had no idea what the message actually was! It was like a puzzle that I can never quite form. Have you ever watched the film? What do you think about it?

I know you have your share of disappointing movies. Do share it with us today. And if you are joining, please don't forget to enter your TCP link to this week's theme in the MckLinky below so that others may find you too:

Thank you for joining us this week. Next week, we will feature Wedding Movies. Happy TCP everyone! If you want to join us Couchers, just grab the TCP badge and post a movie about the theme, add your link into the MckLinky and visit other Couchers. It's fun!


Mommy Liz said...

Marce, naku, eh oo nga, itong movie na to ang pinanood ko pa naman mula umpisa hanggang sa huli, but I wasn't sure why did I watch it. Parang di ko alam kung ano ang kwento. parang walang point at walang sense.

nuts said...

it's because of our high expectation sa movie kaya we end up disappointed.. me ibang mababaw lang talaga kwento.

Chris said...

im glad i didnt watch this movie... :)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

now when see again I think he will not want

Sherry Go Sharing said...

ha.. he find it boring!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

i seen it but my dear not really like it.

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