Monday, March 22, 2010


I love my new profession, that of being a SAHM. But when online tasks, household chores and nappy changes all clamor for my attention all at the same time, my head begins to hurt. Don't we all get this kind of headache every now and then?

I have been working online for some time now... And I am at my best doing my online tasks at around 2:00 AM when everyone is in deep slumber. This means that I only get around 2-3 hours of sleep before I force myself to get up and get my brains working. Staring at the computer monitor for hours has taken its toll on my eyes.

If this continues, I know that sooner or later, I will have to get myself another pair of eyeglasses. Because I don't like to spend so much on eyeglasses for I will only lose or break them anyway, I am glad that there is Zenni Optical, the #1 online Rx glasses store where I can get quality but affordable eyeglasses. While these are not designer glasses, there are lots of designs and colors to choose from. Browsing through their selection, one can find a pair of the lowest price progressive glasses at only $8.00. I guess there is no other optical shop that sells at this rate. Or is there?

While I have not yet availed of Zenni Optical's services or bought a product, reading Eric's Review of Zenni Optical has convinced me enough to consider buying one. Because I don't need it right this moment, there is still plenty of time to consult an eye doctor, order the glasses and wait for delivery until the day comes when I really DO need it. Confusing huh?

So... before get carried away with all these eyeglasses stuff, I guess I will just have to stretch for now and do some much-needed eye rest. My eyes are beginning to hurt and my head is aching. Argh!!!

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