Friday, October 29, 2010

I Am Not A Dress

Some people seem to have abused the option for Tagging Photos on Facebook. Although the photo tagging is a god-sent idea, some people just want to be annoying and the next thing I know, I find in my profile that someone tagged me in one of their photos only to discover that it wasn't really a photo of me but a photo of a dress. 

Don't get me wrong. I respect people's business and I am happy that they using social networking as a means to earn money on the side. But I guess it is just plain annoying if you tag me in every single new stock of RTW. So I hope you just quit it lest I remove you from my Friends list. I guess I am unfortunate because my name starts with the letter A. And you know how it is when it comes to tagging or even sending nonsensical invites: A is the easiest target. Additionally, I wouldn't fit into those dresses anyway so I won't be interested in them. So I hope the tagging will stop. I will not complain if the I am tagged because the photo is related to something that I know and believe in but please, no merchandise!


Anonymous said...

Ako, If I have FB connections that are getting too annoying for frequent (hourly!) updates of their status on nonsensical things, nakakaloka, I would 'X' it from my wall, and I wouldn't have to receive feeds from that person.

zh3en22 said...

I had the same problem. What I do is I removed my name on the list but the next day, they tag me again for another item. Now,I just permanently delete them on my friends list.

zoan said...

indeed! it is very annoying when you have more than 5 friends in facebook that are selling stuffs. I do hope they don't just tag people, okay na sakin ung msg nila ako they have new stuff and the likes. but please, too much tagging?? i so hate it too.

Zedvick said...

I know that too, its a new marketing strategy on facebook.

Just remove the tag or tell the one whose tagging you directly, it is the most effective way.

And can we exchange links? :)

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