Friday, October 29, 2010

Bringing Home the Christmas Spirit

Last year we didn't spend Christmas Day or the winter holidays here in Stuttgart. We spent it at my brother-in-law's in England. Although it was a nice idea to spend Christmas with relatives, a part of me was wishing that we could spend it at home. There really is just no place at home, you know.

This year, I want to spend it here in the real sense of the word. I want to bring home the Christmas spirit and decorate the house with Christmas ornaments and erect a tall Christmas tree that is bedecked with all nice things Christmassy and softly ligted up with led xmas lights. I want to buy little girl an Adventskalendar and tell her the story of the Advent, why we make preparations for Christmas and of the birth of Jesus. I want to visit the Christmas Markets in Heidelberg and Nürnberg. I want to try ice skating with my little girl and perhaps, go sledding or skiing in the mountains too. I want to sip hot chocolate in our living room while listening to Christmas carols or watching a Christmas movie. I want us to exchange gifts, just the three of us and start a family tradition that will continue in the years and generations to come. I want to begin this Christmas and I hope that the heavens will will for it to happen.


Mel_Cole said...

It's time for Christmas shopping. I like LED lights too.

zoan said...

Christmas is different when you are in the Phils, dba? closer to home and family. but still if you are Pinoy who lives anywhere in the world, christmas will still be different.

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