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Decorate Your Home With These Beautiful Figurines

If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your home, there are many brands that offer beautiful figurines. One brand that is popular among families is the Jim Shore collection. Every figurine is hand painted with rich colors to create a gorgeous piece. You can use the figurines to create a scene or represent an occasion. Here are three collections of Jim Shore figurines to consider for your home.

Disney Traditions: Turn your home into the happiest place on earth with Disney figurines. The figurines feature all your favorite Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket and Snow White. You can also find Disney holiday collections, such as the Mickey Mouse with Candy Cane and Tinker Bell with Gift figurines. If you are decorating for Easter, you are sure to love the Miss Bunny, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh Easter eggs.

Fall Decor: Jim Shore offers figurines that are perfect for the fall season. Are you decorating for the Halloween season? The collection includes the Black Cat Crossing and Every Witch Way figurines, and you cannot forget the Welcome Great Pumpkin 50th Anniversary figurine. When you are ready to decorate for Thanksgiving, you can turn the We Are Blessed figurine into a festive centerpiece for dinner.

Christmas Collection: It is always fun to decorate your home for the holiday season, and Jim Shore offers a variety of Christmas figurines. The collection is broken down into different themes to help you celebrate in your own way, and this ranges from the 12 Days of Christmas Santa figurine to the Holy Family with Bethlehem Scene figurine. You are sure to love The North Star Express 5 Piece Mini Train Set, which features a gingerbread house, reindeer, snowman, Christmas tree and Santa Clause himself.

Jim Shore works hard to create figurines that reflect your favorite characters and seasons. The careful details bring characters such as Mickey Mouse and Santa Clause to life right in your own home. The figurines are perfect for children and adults who want to decorate for that special occasion.

Balcony Decorating Ideas

It is that time of the year again when we like to spend our afternoons lounging outside the balcony - be it to enjoy the warm sun, letting go of the day's stress, catching up with family members or on reading, or just relaxing. Thanks to the longer and warmer days that spring brings, our bodies and spirits seem more relaxed and our dispositions more enthusiastic.

It is always a challenge to make the balcony a relaxing place to retreat into so I gathered some ideas I found on Pinterest that would help on how to create that ambiance you want while making good use of limited space.

Choose compact and functional yet comfortable garden furniture. If the space is small, opt for sleek designs and foldable ones.

Add potted plants to your balcony, but not just any plant. Choose those that are suitable for your balcony. Consider what kind of plants you want (greens, blooms or herbs), how much sun, shade or wind your balcony gets.

Color schemes and patterns help keep things together. Natural outdoor textiles like pillows, blankets and outdoor rugs ensures comfort.

Light always add to the ambiance - candles, warm fairy lights, lampions and lanterns add warmth and helps create the mood. 

Do you have other decorating ideas for the balcony?

How to Experience God

Building a relationship with God is a beautiful opportunity to get to know the Creator of the Universe and develop a personal bond. It's one thing to talk about how good God is. It's another thing to actually experience it. Consider these four tips and learn how to connect with God.

1. Study the Word.
When you study the Word of God, you're able to learn more about his character, laws and desires for his children. Be intentional about reading every day. You can download a Bible app and receive notifications with new scriptures on a daily basis. You can even start a challenge where you read the entire Bible in one year. Just make sure to absorb the information and learn.

2. Pray.
Prayer is the opportunity to communicate with God. Many people suggest that meditation is when God communicates back to you. Open the channels of your heart and mind and be transparent with God. Let him know that you need him. Talk to him about how much you love him. Pray for your friends, family and community. Talk to him about your desires and ask him to reveal his purpose for your life. Start by waking up in the morning and immediately pray. As you go throughout your day, continue to silently pray and ask God to lead you in the right direction.

3. Express gratitude.
If you give a little child a gift and they take it without saying thank you, you'd be less likely to want to give them another gift. Why? There's something really special about letting someone know that you appreciate what you've done for them. Granted, God's goodness is based on yours. However, it is important to express gratitude and let God know that you're thankful for all He has done in your life. Whether you choose to share it through singing a praise & worship song or sharing a testimony with a friend, always make sure to talk about how good God is and express gratitude for all he's done.

4. Commit to growth.
It can be really challenging to grow in your relationship with God because it's a refining process. When you first pull gold out of the ground, it has to go through the fire and get molded. Once it's molded and perfected, it's so beautiful and desirable. As a Christian, you're going to go through situations that will feel terrible. The pressure of negative situations will help you mold your character and become a better person. Commit to the process because it's all working for your improvement.

Suki's First Family Trip in Belgium

We had our first family roadtrip with Suki last Easter weekend. Hubby had a bike race last March 31, the Tour of Flanders, and since it was a long weekend, we decided to tag along. 

Suki was sleeping most of the time on our way to Antwerp.
While hubby was toiling and pedalling away in this historic bike race known for its classic cobbled tracks, which started in Antwerp and ended in Oudenarde, we opted to explore the sights in the city.

The hotel we were staying in was pet-friendly and was just across Antwerp Central Station so we decided to start exploring from there. And was Antwerp Central Station very grand as you can see from the photos! Our Suki enjoyed her day out too, or should I say day inside the train station. Hihi!

It was cold when we went to Antwerp - with overcast skies, chilly wind and rain shower every now and then. So our Suki was out with her pink "adidog" pullover. Isn't she just adorable in it? People we would meet along the way say so too. :)

That's all for now. More stories about our little Suki in the next posts.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

How to Simplify a Move

It has been said that one of the most stressful activities in your life will be a move. There are several ways for you to overcome the stress. By working with moving companies North Jerseymoving companies New Jersey residents are able to enjoy a move considerably more.

Get Help with Packing
You don’t have to do all of the packing on your own. Consider the fact that you need to have everything placed in the boxes by the time moving day arrives. This means emptying cabinets, bookcases, drawers, and everything else in every room of your home. This is an overwhelming prospect.

If you could have professionals come over to pack everything for you, it reduces your stress. You can focus on other aspects of moving without having to worry about setting up boxes, packaging everything properly, and labeling the boxes based on contents.

Work with Professionals
There are a lot of different responsibilities with moving. This includes loading everything onto a truck, driving it to your new home, and then unloading the contents. Working with professional movers will ensure that all of these aspects are taken care of for you. You don’t have to drive a truck and you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Instead, you can stand by and simply point to where you want everything.

Have Your Vehicles Moved
Especially if you are planning a long-distance move, you may not want to pack your family and any pets into a vehicle and drive hundreds of miles in order to get to your new home. The easier solution may be for you to fly (or even take a train). As for your vehicles, they can be moved by the moving company to save you some added stress.

Moving is as easy or as stressful as you make it out to be. If you want to make it easier, a professional moving company should be called.

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