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3 Great Reasons to Choose Blinds for Your Home

If you're thinking about sprucing up your home, start thinking about picking up window blinds Los Angeles. There are so many great reasons to choose blinds when thinking about redecorating your living space.

1. Everyone Loves a Little Privacy
Windows are a great way to see the world around you, be it the gorgeous California landscape or bustling Los Angeles city life. There are times when we all just need to have some time away from the world. With custom blinds, you can easily get just the right privacy with multiple angles. Adjustments made using blinds can easily block views from specific directions while still allowing a good deal of natural sunlight to enter a room.

2. Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
When you have drapes or curtains, cleaning consists of taking them down and washing them in a machine, dry clean, or some other method. With custom blinds, you don't have to worry about the hassle of washing and possibly ruining the fabric. Instead, care and maintenance is a breeze. This keeps your home looking it's best, but it also helps keep allergy-causing and irritating dust and dirt from lying around in fabric.

3. Cost-Effective and Money-Saving 
Custom blinds that fit your windows perfectly can actually help keep the cold out in the winter months and keep the sun low in the hot summer months. The sun can also do damage to your furniture and other household goods. This is a cost-effective way to help reduce energy costs and protect your furniture as blinds are easily installed and maintained. Blinds come in a variety of styles. It's easy to find something that fits with your tastes or decor. Consider a set of custom blinds next time you decide to change things up.

Bilingual Classes in Stuttgart's "High Schools"

Most of us would say that English is the universal language and that it is important to be fluent in it from an international standpoint. Coming from a country where English is the second "mother tongue", I would say that being fluent in English indeed has its advantages. 

However, being in a country where English is otherwise the native language, it could be a challenge.  To help my daughter to be more confident in using english, we expose her to different movies shown in english, books written in english and communicating at times in english. Thankfully too, there are schools offering bilingual english classes so that students get to speak, discuss, write and read more english. 

In Stuttgart, there are about eleven Gymnasiums offering bilingual classes in English in their curriculum. These are:
  1. Ferdinand Porsche Gymnasium
  2. Königin Olga Stift
  3. Dillmann Gymnasium
  4. Paracelsus Gymnasium
  5. Zeppelin Gymnasium
  6. Leibniz-Gymnasium
  7. Königin Charlotte Gymnasium
  8. Fanny Leicht Gymnasium
  9. Geschwister Scholl Gymnasium
  10. Johannes Kepler Gymnasium
  11. Eschbach Gymnasium (new, from school year 2019/2020)
What does this mean? 
This means that students get more English classes beginning in the fifth grade to prepare them for the subjects that will be taught in english in the later years (beginning 7th grade). This is however, not for every student. It is therefore recommended for parents to get advise from primary school teachers before deciding, as they could very well assess whether a child would be suited in such a class. A prerequisite for admission into the bilingual program is a generally good grade in the 1st half of the school year in the 6th grade. In particular, good performance in the main subjects German, English and Mathematics is expected.

Which subjects are taught in English?
The following subjects are taught in English from the 7th grade:
  • Grade 7: Geography
  • Grade 8: Geography + History
  • Grade 9: Biology
  • Grade 10: Biology + History or Geography or Social Studies
Do you live in a country where English is not the official language. Which programs do the educational institutions offer so that students become more proficient in the english language? 

Why Cleanliness Should Be A Priority in Restaurants

Central Florida is a great place to live and raise a family. It is also a great place to start a business. If that business is a restaurant, then there are a number of things to decide upon before opening. The menu, location, and name are all big decisions that have to be made which have a direct correlation to success. Another less thought about factor to decide upon is the daily maintenance of the restaurant. Keeping the facility clean speaks volumes about the establishment and encourages repeat business.

Cleanliness In The Kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most important area of the restaurant to keep clean. Falling behind here can lead to patrons becoming sick and the business being shut down. A thorough and comprehensive daily cleaning list should be created and followed. This list should be in conjunction with weekly extensive cleaning. It may be more efficient to outsource these weekly cleanings. A search of restaurant cleaning central florida should provide a good list of companies to address this.

Clean All Surfaces
To maintain a pleasant area for visiting patrons, the lounge area should be thoroughly cleaned daily. This means wiping down all surfaces with sanitized rags. Menus, chairs, bar tops, tabletops, and booths need to be cleaned. Sweeping and mopping floors, as well as, nightly cleaning of the trash cans should be a part of the cleaning routine.

Sanitize The Bathrooms Regularly
Another vital area to keep sparkling clean is the restrooms. If the restrooms are dirty, then it sends a negative message to visitors and can have an effect on the number of visitors. Bathroom areas should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every shift. They should also be checked multiple times throughout the day and cleaned as necessary.

There are many things to consider when getting a restaurant off the ground and running. Do not, however, put the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility low on the priority list. Doing so can end the business before it gets the chance to thrive.

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