Sunday, October 10, 2010

Acne Free Face

Taking care of your hair which is your crowning glory comes only second. The first thing to do to be presentable is to keep your face acne-free. And most women try a lot of severe acne treatments for their faces. Women and men alike should take into consideration that taking care of their faces comes first more than anything else.

Here are simple steps to have a pimple-free face:

1. Wash your face regularly. Washing your face with water alone cannot guarantee to keep your face pimple-free so a mild soap and warm water can do the trick. Keep your face free of dirt as possible in order to prevent the oil build up that causes pimples.

2. Don’t apply very harsh cleansers on your face. It is unhelpful to the skin’s function because it takes away natural oils and interrupts the protective layer of the skin which leads to dryness and irritations that causes acnes.

3. Makeup contains skin irritants so avoid using too much makeup. Clean your face before going to bed; remove the makeup before going to bed.

4. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself healthy. Avoid greasy food and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Proper diet is important to have a healthy skin.

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