Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gift Ideas for the One You Love

Gift giving is an art. It should be well thought of, from the wrapping to the cost to the way the gift is presented to the recipient. I always enjoy giving gifts as much as receiving them and I take extra care that the gift I am giving away will well appreciated by the receiver.

So you want to give your special someone a special gift. Take into consideration his/her personality, likes and dislikes and interests, and of course your budget. For women, I suggest fragrances, a spa package certificate for two, lingerie, jewelry, home decor, personalized linens and beddings, books from her favorite author, techie gadgets. For men, I suggest techie gadgets, a pair of sneakers, grooming sets, watch or personalized dog tags, wine/liquor, massage package for him. 

Whatever the occasion, do not forget to add your personal touch to the gift and to consider the person receiving the gift. Ask yourself, "will he/she be happy with his one?" Remember, it will always be the though that counts.

1 comment:

zoan said...

whew, I am thinking too of buying a unique gift for my bf :) at ung me personal touch din kasi mas may dating:)

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