Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why You Should Consider Home Renovations Before Moving

There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to move out of your current house. Needing extra space, layout and location are only a few of the most common. Although you might not be able to do much about changing the location of your home, most other reasons can be averted through renovations. If your current property allows various modifications, you can virtually build the house of your dreams from any home.

Lower Costs

If you need more space in your current home, adding an extra room can be done quite easily. These add-ons can be done in a way that looks natural for the rest of the hoouse giving it an even symmetry. This may be a much better use of funds than to pay for buying a new home, paying movers and changing services because you needed more space. One thing that may prevent these kinds of additions is the layout of the land itself. Some homes sit relatively close to property lines. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with building up to add more rooms and levels.

Build What You Want

Renovations allow you to design and build rooms to your specifications. Professional renovators can work with you to create rooms that you may only dream about. Although some structures may be limiting when it comes to things like load-bearing walls, and experienced contractor may have alternatives that can still deliver an alluring presence to the house. The contractor's ideas may be better than your own. Never assume that a home's layout cannot be modified in terms of the floor plan.

Adding to Your Equity

Many people would rather build onto a house and improve it's overall value. In many cases, additions such as these can enhance the selling price of the property more than the construction costs. Instead of selling a two-bedroom and one bath small home, you could sell a three-bedroom and two-bath family dwelling for far more later on. In the meantime, you can be living in a home that would have been well beyond your financial means by simply adding on extra rooms.

Before you start looking for a larger home, get your free quote for renovations and additions today. Having a professional contractor add more to your house may be a better use of time and money than trying to find a place large enough for your needs. It requires nothing more than your time to explore the possibilities of building the house of your dreams one room at a time.

An Autumn Musing

The cold days are now slowly creeping in. I can still recall the not so distant days when the vineyards look so full and lush, with the Lembergers and Trollingers heavy with fruits, ready for the harvest season. 

Lembergers in all its glorious, ripe beauty.
Taken at the Weinberge Am Schnarrenberg in Stuttgart.
The autumn season has many a meanings for me. It marks the end of summer, yes. But it means a bountiful harvest, and of preparing for the new life that spring brings. It allows us to slowly get used to the mild, chilly and sometimes wintry breeze. 

As the leaves turn from green to hundreds of different hues of yellows,  oranges, and reds and then finally to brown, it brings in an air of sadness. And yet you smile because despite this oh so natural phenomenon, innocent children shriek with laughter at the sight of piles of fallen leaves and at the crunchy sound of the leaves crushing beneath their covered feet.   

Friday, October 23, 2015

Four Handy Suggestions That Can Help You Select an Appropriate Size for a Commercial Refrigerator for Your Restaurant

Most commercial refrigerators are available in various sizes. Choosing one of these sizes can be difficult because most restaurant kitchens have limited space and limited location options.

Here are four handy suggestions for selecting a size for a commercial fridge that can help you choose the right sized refrigerator for your restaurant's kitchen:

Consider Your Food Storage Needs 
Most restaurant owners should consider purchasing a commercial refrigerator that offers enough space to store properly the amount of food you use on a regular basis. This is a good idea because it can help you select a refrigerator that offers enough space to prevent unwanted spoilage of foods that you use on a regular basis.

Pick a Suitable Place for Your Fridge 
Most restaurant kitchens have odd-shaped designs that make installing a commercial refrigerator challenging. One way to get around this problem is to pick a suitable place for your fridge in advance. 

If you need help choosing a suitable place for your fridge, why not consider using the following locations to install your refrigerators:
  • Areas near corners.
  • The area near food preparation areas.
  • Areas near meat freezers and dishwashers.
  • Area that have suitable power sources that are easy to find. 
  • Areas near ice machines. 
Measure the Size of Your Kitchen's Entrance 
Measuring the size of your kitchen's entrance is worthwhile because it can make selecting a refrigerate that will fit inside your kitchen easier. This should not be surprising because most commercial-grade refrigerators are designed to fit neatly inside most restaurants' kitchen entrances. 

Choose a Storage Volume 
Most commercial refrigerators that are used in restaurants have interior storage volumes that typically range between 20-70 cubic feet. Choosing one of these storage volumes is simple if you remember to use the following suggestions:
  • Consider how much produce you will store inside the refrigerator
  • Consider how often you will need to store dairy products.
  • Choose a storage size that offers extra space for excess inventory and odd-shaped foods.
  • Choose a volume that cools foods evenly without causing condensation.
As you can see, choosing the right size for a commercial refrigerator is easy if you remember to choose a refrigerator that is large enough to keep food fresh without overwhelming your kitchen's layout. Feel free to use these tips to choose a size for your restaurant's next commercial refrigerator that offers these useful benefits

Crafts Day: Colorful & Soft Felt Owls

So my daughter's girl friend came last weekend for a pyjama party. The girls were pretty excited to spend the night together since it has been a while since they last saw each other. We decided to do crafts in the evening and made felt owl softies. It was a good thing that we had a fresh supply of craft felt. We searched through the internet and found a pattern which I modified to suit the girls' taste.

It was pretty simple and easy to do. For the materials, you would need craft felt in various colors, a pair of scissors, board paper for the pattern, thread and needle, some cotton for the filling. We printed out the pattern and then I modified some of the parts, traced it on the board paper and cut it. I let the girls choose the colors for their owls and then cut the owl pieces accordingly. I just placed the board paper on the craft felt and cut my way through following the edges since the pattern is pretty small.

Then it was time for the girls to do the sewing in between watching the cartoon series Winx. I had to show them first how to do it and then they sewed up the parts together. The difficult and small parts like the eyes and beak, I volunteered to sew on for them. 

The owls were so cute and sweet and soft! And the girls loved it! They named both owls Meggie. Aren't they adorable? Try making this simple craft with your children too! They will definitely love it and it also helps develop their fine motor skills too!

P.S. Since Christmas is coming this could also be a good custom gift idea for your loved ones. Instead of owls, you can make other animal figures or Christmas symbols to give to your loved ones. It also makes a good idea for a customized Christmas tree decor. You can use high quality felt so they don't fuzz too much.

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