Thursday, October 28, 2010

The More We Need To Hit The Gym

I guess I am not the only one who needs to stay fit at this time of the year. 

It is already autumn, and sometimes, it feels like it's winter, especially when the air is humid. The urge to stay longer in bed and eat more sweets and just do nothing is becoming more and more difficult to resist. And therefore, in the case of hubby and me, the more need we have to hit the fitness studio and sweat it out.

And because it is already cold, we could just purchase thermal men's running shorts and some thermal fitness wear for me too. That way, we don't end up getting sick. Oh no, ordinary sweat pants and shirts just won't do this time of the year. 

The question though is would we ever find the time to hit the gym? Things are very hectic as they are these days and it seems impossible to squeeze studio sessions in. When we arrive home, we are already very tired and will just prepare a quick dinner, eat and then go straight to bed because it is going to be another early day in the morrow. I guess a miracle is what we need, or another self to help carry half of the burden and responsibilities.


zoan said...

ako kaya,kelan ko ma eexperience and autumn at winter. kasi kahit nga fall, wala dito sa Pinas dba? buti nalang me summer. ehehe

zoan said...

whew, I have never been to the gym in order to lose weight or to stay fit :)

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