Thursday, October 28, 2010

Go Kart Fun

A few weeks ago, hubby went karting with his Japanese colleagues. Their respective families were also invited to come and because it was a Sunday, we tagged along. I am not very keen on tagging along especially when it involves meeting hubby's colleagues but because it was OUR family day, we went with him anyway. 

The Go-Kart circuit was in Bad Rappenau, quite a good distance from where we live but a popular place among aspiring race drivers.

It has been a while since my hubby visited the go-kart circuit in our area because there simply wasn't enough time for him to go karting so that during the qualifying round, I was amazed to find that he got the 4th position for the actual race. The qualifying race lasted 15 minutes and the actual race lasted about 32 minutes. It was a tough race and I could feel the excitement and the thrill in the air. My little girl was there to cheer his daddy on but because the karts run so fast, she would wave and look at the wrong Kart and driver. Lol!

At the end of the race, hubby landed on the 6th Place. I personally am proud of his ranking. He may not have won the race but it was still something.

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zoan said...

I want to try that. but i think the nearest go kart available is in cebu which is far from my place:( and hey,it is quite expensive :(

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