Monday, July 24, 2017

6 Fun Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Holidays

The big holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, are lumped together towards the end of the year, which gives you minimum time to prepare. However, if you love planning for ALL holidays, this short guide offers up some fun tips to getting your home celebration-ready. 

Pick Your Favorite Holidays to Celebrate

There are dozens of great holidays to choose from, such as Valentines, Memorial Day, and of course, Halloween. However, each decorator has their own preferences, so you need to realize and decorate for the ones you love. 

Decide What Makes Each Holidays Great to You

Do you love Saint Patrick’s Day? Or, how about Easter? Whichever holiday is a go-to, you should create a list of the things that make these holidays great to you. For example, if you love a more obscure holiday, like the Summer Solstice, deck your home in summery colors, breezy fabrics, and DIY sunshine crafts [courtesy of your kiddos].

Change the Temperatures for an Inviting Environment

Holidays correspond with the changing seasons. For instance, it’s always cold for Christmas in the United States, so fill your home with welcoming warmth from a heater or fireplace. Or, in the case of a hotter-than-hot Easter Sunday, crank up the AC for a chilled home atmosphere. Always keep ahead of your home atmosphere by investing in foundation repair services Cleveland Ohio at least once a year. For your holidays to be happy, your home needs to be in tip-top shape. 

Bring Nature Indoors

For every holiday, there is something in nature to go along with it. Example? Snag some pumpkins for Halloween, bring on the apples for Thanksgiving, and pick some beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. Decorate with elements of nature, because these components are natural mood boosters and atmospheric enhancers. 

Use Peel-Off Window Clings and Glass Door Decals

Window clings are available at almost any retail store, especially around the holidays. Kids love them! Grab a couple of sheets of holiday-themed window clings, pick a smooth, clean surface, and stick em’ where you can. They peel right off again when the celebrations are over. 

Throw a Themed Party or Two

For party-throwers and party-goers, holidays present a new chance to get together with friends and loved ones. Pick a holiday, and throw an epic bash with the people you care about. Break out the punch bowls, make fun themed snacks, and invite your guests to wear holiday-appropriate attire, like costumes for Halloween. 

Holidays can be so much fun for those that love both celebrations and interior d├ęcor. Make sure your next holiday is celebrated in style with methods taken from the aforementioned design tips. 

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