Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Family Planning & Pregnancy

I believe that if you are a responsible parent and if you love your spouse, you would as much as possible plan your family: how many children you would like to have, how many years it will take until the next baby, and so on. Of course, you also have to consider your financial status because having another child would mean having another human being to raise, to send to school, to feed, to clothe. I am just glad that my husband supports me in this endeavor and although we want another baby now, we just can't yet because I am still doing my master's degree. Hopefully, after two years, we will have another child again. I guess by that time, our little girl will already be able to understand what Mommy is going through.

I do miss being pregnant sometimes. As I browse through my preggy photos, I am reminded of what we have been through as a newly married couple. I also remember the first trimester and how I have been yearning for acne products that work because of the pimples and acne that have grown like mushrooms all over my face. I remember the pain of labor, and the relief and joy upon hearing the cry of our firstborn and the peace and contentment that I felt upon holding her in my arms for the first time. 

I know that the next pregnancy will be better because I have a little girl who will be with me and accompany me. And I would like her to be as much a part of the pregnancy  as my husband will be. So that she will also anticipate the baby's coming and would not feel like her little brother or sister has taken away the affection and attention that she once enjoyed.

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zoan said...

I miss being pregnant too :D but as of now, wag muna kasi single pa naman din ako :D ehehe

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