Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liability Insurance: Should I Get One?

When I first met the WASTE Graduate Program Director, one of the important things that he discussed with me was liability insurance. When I joined the orientation and welcoming program for the new international students for the Winter 2010/2011 semester, liability insurance was also discussed. When we had our intercultural meeting, the topic also came up. Suffice it to say, they really recommend that we avail of one just for the duration of our study program so that we get protection for third party liabilities.

There was even a sort of talk given by a very good and cheap insurance company and offers very affordable liability insurance packages. They presented the benefits of being covered by this type of insurance and answered the students' concerns. 

I guess this type of insurance will be very helpful especially if unexpected things happen beyond your control like you accidentally burned the entire kitchen in your dormitory or an equipment at the laboratory. So should I get one? That's already out of the question.

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zoan said...

everybody needs an insurance:) in a world like what we have right now? where everything needs to be insured in order for us to be assured of the things that is going to happen in the future :)

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