Sunday, January 31, 2021

DIY Project Plan: Kid's or Baby Room

A kid's or baby room should be designed and fitted in a way that is appropriate for the child's age. It is important to use materials that are proven free from harmful substances, suitable for children's use and appropriate for their age. Since moving into our house last October, I still wasn't able to renovate our Lilly's room. As she is currently co-bedding with us, I really do not have the urgency to renovate or decorate her room just yet. And with the lockdown, choosing and buying materials is also a challenge.

So here are just some of the ideas that I have been considering for her room:

1. This nursery at The Home That Made Me is very nice. The layout of the room is similar to my daughter's so I can choose to arrange the baby furniture is this manner.   I just love white furniture and the ones that we have are also white except for the closet which has a wooden optic to it. We still have to do something about the walls though since it currently has an outdated wallpaper. 

Gray and white is the color theme of this room.

2. A rose-colored room for a girl's room? It is every girl's dream. I love how the rose in this room is not so overwhelming. With the just the right hue of rose pink, it is very easy on the eyes.  And the layout is very practical and just very sweet. Just perfect for a girl's room!

A dream room in rose!
Photo from Hej Hem, found on Pinterest.

3. Lastly, this baby girl's bedroom I found at Project Nursery designed by Liz Eidelman. I love the use of an unsual color palette for a baby girl's room. It speaks a lot not only of sweetness and femininity, but of boldness, strength of character and wildness. Qualities also fitting for a girl.

A baby girl's room with a less traditional color palette.

So which one is your favorite? I love all three, so that it would make decorating harder. Let's see if I will be able to pull off decorating Lilly's room that will fit her personality.

Monday, January 25, 2021

3 Ways to Make Your Days More Meaningful

When your routine feels like a meaningless rut, step away from what you’re doing and make some adjustments. It isn’t necessary to reconfigure your whole life to add a sense of purpose to your days. By making gradual changes, you can live more in the present while also anticipating positive things in the future.

1. Be Mindful During Your Interactions
When someone talks to you, what are you doing? If you’re looking away, perhaps writing or texting, it’s almost as if you aren’t there. Your tasks can wait, and with your full attention on one thing at a time, both will benefit from greater focus. Listen to people who speak to you. By being kind to others by giving people your attention, you can develop relationships that become meaningful to both of you. Connection matters. When you’re physically alone, you can look back on the day’s interactions, feeling engaged rather than disconnected.

2. Have Balance
If you feel stuck in a rut, is it because you fill your days with a lot of one activity and not enough of another? Maybe you sit at your work desk with limited breaks, and as a result, you cram a fitness routine you’re not enthusiastic about at the end of the day. Maybe you like your job, and you used to enjoy working out, too. Figure out ways to incorporate exercise in your workday. Small adjustments, such as putting items you need farther away, can make large differences. 

3. Make a Plan
Regardless of which activities you want to balance, make a plan. What do you need to add? What do you need to take away or change? When you continue to say that you’ll make a change “eventually,” you’re permitting yourself to continue to postpone the change. Use a planner or calendar and then tell people what you will do. It’s easier to commit to something when others are aware of your plan.

Structure your days so they hold meaning for you. What matters to you? Now, start finding ways to add those things to your life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Lilly is Five Months Old

How time flies. Our Lilly is now five months old. Time does go by so fast especially in these unconventional times in the pandemic where our daily routine consists of nursing and waking up, changing diapers and playing games, singing lullabies and sharing cuddles, warm hugs and good night kisses. 

Lilly is doing good progress and despite being locked up most of the time at home, unable to visit friends and going on short excursions in zoos, I can say that she is developing well. She can now support her head and recognize our voices. When we lay her down on her stomach, she would make mini push-ups as she heaves her head up. She is also practicing to roll over, although she isn't able to do it alone yet. Slowly but surely, she will. Her favorite activity: munching on her fists and sticking toys to her mouth. She still hates pacifiers though but enjoys sucking her thumb. I remember her big sister is also the same. She can recognize faces now, and with only three faces to see, it is not very difficult to recognize who her favorite is. Me of course!

She is an adorable little darling who would scream out loud when she is hungry. But her giggles and coos are more than enough reward for those sometimes sleepless nights. She still wakes up once or twice into the night to nurse so this mommy is still not getting enough sleep but that is okay. Because I now know that they grow up so fast and so, I have to enjoy these moments as much as I can because it too shall soon pass.

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