Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Livewires Forever

A good friend from high school managed to post an old photo of us in our class jerseys. 

It was our senior year, during the Intramurals, each year level will compete for the cheering competition. Of course, every single one of us is required to join because our participation will count when the grades for Physical Education and Homeroom is computed. Another reason is that there is only 87 of us in our batch so that everyone must participate.

I am the one on the left: short hair, big smile and obviously very, very thin.  I wonder where my jersey shirt is now. I never saw it again since ten years ago. I must have hidden it somewhere or worse, lost it. This jersery held lots of good memories of high school and if I can remember it correctly, it was the time when we had so many victories, not only in academics but in the extra curriculars as well. 

I believe that the Livewires spirit will remain in me. And although I don't get to see my batchmates as often as I want due to my current location, I still hold them dear in my heart and I am happy to see that they also now lead happy lives.

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Unknown said...

memories from our youth holds so many unforgettable moments.

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