Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do You Have A Cool Job?

COOL is a very subjective term.What is COOL to me may be different from what is cool to you. So that even if I say that my job as a full-time wife and mommy and part-time student and blogger IS cool, many people would perhaps raise an eyebrow. I think a cool job is one that will enable you to express your personality while doing something you love and getting paid for it, otherwise, it’s a hobby. Don't you agree?

But human as we are, we would sometimes dream of that one job  that is just inherently cool -- and these are those jobs that we dream about on days when we want to knock down our office cubicle walls and run screaming from the office. Some of the jobs that I find cool and really pay are: rancher, professional golfer, cruise director, personal trainer, blogger, journalist, photographer, flight attendant. In my childhood, I once thought of becoming a flight attendant because of the perks: free trip around the world. But because my height is lacking, I could settle for airport jobs where I get to meet different folks from different cultures and be able to assist them in their needs.

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zoan said...

sad to say, I don't have a job :) but I have a cool way of earning money:) I don't consider my business as a job, I love it nevertheless. and my ways of earning money online, it is not a job, it is what i love to do, write something to earn :)

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