Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ugh! That Hurts!

It has been a week since we moved into our new house. It is on the same neighborhood so there was really no need for a major adjustment. Except that we don't have any furniture just yet and I had to be resourceful so that we could sleep comfortably during the night.

I still am not yet done unpacking all our stuff and honestly, it's quite a jungle in here with the boxes, both opened and unopened, all over the floor. I just didn't have enough time just yet because I also had a lot of errands to do such as registering our new address at the city hall, enrollment at the university, orientation at the university library. On top of that, I had to prepare for the Abschlusstest for my intensive German language course. I doubt if I would even pass the course, knowing that I have performed so badly in the grammatical tests.

I am not getting enough sleep and I am so stressed out, it is no wonder that pimples and acne have sprouted like mushrooms all over my face and even my neck! If this continues, I am in for a really bad day. Add to that the dry cough and the runny nose that I have been nursing since last week. I hope that I will get better in the coming days.

1 comment:

zoan said...

if we are stressed out, pimples are just around the corner and ready to sprout talaga. I have heard na kailangan na mag exam in order to get a german visa ba un? kaya pala aralan talaga ang show

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