Thursday, November 26, 2009

We'll Be Visiting The Queen!

I am sooo excited! We're finally going to visit the Queen in December... perhaps not really the queen but the queen's castle and her subjects. Hehe! Of course, we will be visiting my brother-in-law and his family because that is the main purpose of our visit in London. And I am just happy! I remember going to Munich for our UK VISA application last Friday, November 13th and last Sunday, November 22nd, our passports with the UK Visa arrived in the mail. That was quick! It's only valid for six months though because I didn't know that I can apply for a longer term like 1 or 2 years. So much for my excitement. Well, we can always go back to Munich to apply again. And next time, I'll know better.

So now I'm busy again preparing our itinerary. There are lots to see in Great Britain I know... There's the Stone Henge, the Eye, Big Ben and London Bridge, Bath, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, etc. With only two weeks to spare, I know we should make the most out of it. Any suggestions and travel advice?

Download Your Favorite Stuff

I love to download stuff from the Internet... music, TV series, games and films. Sometimes, the download could take ages to complete because the download rate is way too slow and that is frustrating. That's why when downloading, I always look for free torrents. Glad there is QueenTorrent in beta. This interface is very simple and you can find the latest at just a click of a button with their powerful search engine. Best of all, it has a huge database that is updated on a daily basis so that you can be assured of good torrents. If you are looking to download some of your favorites which are not yet locally available, visit now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

Something arrived from the mail a few days ago. A small envelope from NC, US. When I opened it up, these are what's inside:

Yup, they are fashion earrings. They may not be the pearl earrings that I have been hoping for but they are beautiful nonetheless. These were my special winnings from Her and History's Life and Love Contest. Thanks Momgen of Momgen's Corner for the earrings.

Turbochargers For That "Vava-Vrooommmm"!

When we first came here in Germany last April, we were given an Audi A3 Quatro series to use for six weeks while we are still looking for our own new ride. There is just something very powerful with it: it roars wonderfully as if it is the king of the road. It really does sound quite intimidating and I smile at the thought of it. I tried driving it once too, at the parking lot, just to have a feel. I asked hubby what makes it so special and he told me that Audi cars are equipped with audi turbocharger making them very powerful. He also added that turbochargers can be fitted to a car engine if you want to make your ride powerful.

That said, you can still achieve that powerful performance by adding a turbocharger to your car engine. If you are looking for one, there is for all your turbocharger needs. Shipping is FREE for all orders so you need not worry about additional fees. Ain't that great?

When A Kawaii Baby Turns Into A Lil Dolly...

I have always enjoyed browsing through Azumi, a baby blog which chronicles her growth and development since the day she was conceived. I have seen Azumi grow from one tiny yet kawaii baby to one bubbly toddler. It has been a little over a year now and if you have been following Anzu's story, you'd be delighted at how much she has achieved all these days, weeks, and months. I am glad that Bambie was able to journal her milestones, even the small ones, and archived her growth here for the whole world to see. It just shows how much this young fab momma loves her little princess whom she now fondly calls "lil dolly".

But of course, this blog is not just about little Anzu's everyday antics. It is also about a young mother's journey to motherhood. I always look forward to her Mommy Moments posts, where she shares her experiences as a Mom and also as a wife. Each time I visit Anzu's blog, it's like I am visiting in real life because Bambie shares from the heart. And I am never bored because I am always greeted with Anzu's sweet smiling face, her latest shots and some very adorable video clips.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

T-Shirts Are My Kind of Stuff

I love to wear t-shirts. My usual get-up would be a pair of jeans, flats and tshirts. I love plain colored shirts, sometimes with a unique small print that makes a statement or when I want to show my humorous side, funny t shirts that just send out a hilarious message. I go for shirts that have a character, comfortable to wear, affordable too. My friend has taught me that shirts need not be expensive for them to look good on you. Even cheap t shirts can look cool and classy. "It's all a matter of how you wear them and how you carry yourself while wearing them", she says. And so whenever I go out to shop, I always try to take her with me. She knows which colors and designs suits me and she has good taste. Too bad we can no longer shop together.

In Her Psyche

psyche [sahy-kee] noun: the human soul, spirit or mind

She calls herself Peppermayo. Perhaps it's her favorite dip/dressing? And she authors in my psyche, a journal about a woman's journey in life. She highlights the precious and sweet moments but never discounts the difficulties and problems too. After all, a life is never a life without the ups and downs.

Following her stories, you will find the she loves fiction. Her collection of saga books will tell you that she is a booklover with an adventurous spirit. She is a big Twilight saga fan and her excitement is just explicitly expressed in her posts that you'd get pretty excited about it too.

The blog, being a journal, of course contains her daily musings about life.. about her daily ordinary and not so ordinary comings and goings. Reading her psyche, I can empathize with her experience as an expat. We almost have the same story: going overseas to join the hubby and leaving family and friends behind. But it is the life we chose, the life she has chosen and she has no regrets. It's just sometimes, there are really moments when we hope that the friends are there.

Browsing through her site, I am once again reassured and given a soft pat on the shoulders, telling me that I am not alone in this world. That someone out there shares some sentiments the same as mine. And that someone is Peppermayo. Am thankful I found your site.

Praising God Through Blogging

I have encountered a number of spiritual blogs out there in the blogging world, one of which is Praise God With All My Heart. Here, the author lets loose her spirituality, her belief in God, her reflections from the heart without any reservations whatsoever. You'd be amazed at her strong convictions and faith and trust in God.

I do love her reflections, which really speak of what's truly in her heart. And the select songs of praise and worship that she features in her blog just touched me to the core of my being. Take for example Lose My Soul which is all about denying oneself of the pleasures of the world in order to follow God. Human as we are, this is a difficult task, something that is easier said than done, yet doable should one just will it.

While most of us will find reading the bible quite difficult and would prefer reading bestselling paperbacks, this blog's entries on bible verses encourages you to give the Bible another try. The bible indeed has a wealth of lessons to be discovered.

God is indeed worthy to be praised and this blog is a fitting example of how God's unceasing and steadfast love has never failed to amaze and awe a life. Indeed, God still works in marvelous ways. And because of this, one can never be too embarrassed to shout to the world how great His LOVE for us is!

Monday, November 23, 2009

TCP#16: Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron

Welcome to the November 24th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes, where we post about a movie each week.

Last week, we featured movies about Presidents or Their First Families. Seiko of Seiko's Diary, who almost didn't make it to last week's theme because she had a hard time remembering the title and even called long distance just to get the title, featured a very interesting film entitled Four Days in November. Head on to her site to find out what it's all about.

This week, Animals Rule here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. If you love animals, what they are capable of doing, how much they can touch humanity, and what they would have been thinking, then come jump in with us!

Today, I would like to feature the animated film from Dreamworks Pictures called Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. This movie holds a special place in my heart because this was one of the movies that Hanhan and I watched when he went home for the first time from Japan.

This animated movie is different from the usual because here, the horses do not talk. They really "neigh" like normal horses do. And Spirit, the stallion who leads his herd was just beautiful. This movie talks about his journey: how his curiosity led him to be captured by the army, how his adventurous streak led him to befriend a Lakota American Indian, how he fell in love and how his responsibility and love for his herd always leads him back to his herd and to his mother, Esperanza. I love the symbolism of the soaring eagle shown at the beginning and end of the film. And the sound track, which was sung by Bryan Adams made the film a more memorable experience.

What's your animal movie my dear Couchers? Come share it with us and enter a link to your TCP entry in the MckLinky below. And don't forget to visit the other entries, you just might find something very interesting and worth watching!

Thank you for joining us this week. Next week, we will feature Superhero movies. Until then, take care and Happy TCP!

Playing In The Sky

It was a fine Friday afternoon. The sky was clear, the sun was shining... I could say that it was a very fine weather. I was at the kitchen washing the dishes that time, when I looked out the window and saw something fun happening up in the sky. There were a number of jet planes making white streaks against the clear blue sky and I just can't help myself. I grabbed my camera, went out the balcony and started snapping.

They were trying to write an "A" here... Can you see? click on image to see it.

I call these two buildings the two towers... Hehe!

How many jet planes do you think there were? There were 8 if I'm not mistaken.

The leaves have already fallen, the trees have given in to the call of nature,
leaving things golden brown, and bleak.

The sun was setting already at past 4 in the afternoon. Shorter days and longer nights
as they say. Too bad this building was blocking the view. It would have been a great shot.

Amazing Grace

Grace of Amazing Grace requested me to make a button for her site. I am glad to make it for her but I am not too confident whether she would like it or not. I am new to this kind of thing and I am doing it just for fun. Maybe later when I am really good, I will turn it into a money-making endeavor? Hehe! But kidding-aside, here it is:

So to Grace, please give me your email address so that I will be able to give you the code that you can post to your sidebar so that you can display your new button to your sidebar.

Happy Birthday NIKO!

My dearest blogger friend Anik (a.k.a. Niko or Niko Ganda to all others) celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday. I hope she had a happy and memorable one, spent with her little mushroom family. Anik is one of the first people who i met in the blogging world and came into close contact with. My first impression: sweet, thoughtful and passionate about Yena, Yobib and her blogging career. I am glad we befriended each other and I count myself lucky to have known her through blogging. She is one power girl, who believes that Girls Rule! And you will find her updated with the online trends too.

So to you Anik, wishes of happiness, good health and peace of mind. God bless you always!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday FEDHZ!

Today, another blogger turns a year older. I am referring to Fedhz of Home Buddies. Pay her a visit and leaver her some love.

Happy Birthday dear Fedhz! I wish what you wish. I pray that your prayers be heard. God bless you today, and always. Hugs!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Yummy!

Samantha loves to eat... CHOCOLATES! She wants to have them at any time of that day and THAT is NOT good, especially for a growing toddler like her. That is why I hide them in my cupboard and only give her wafer during snack time. It is getting more difficult to feed her because she doesn't like to eat rice anymore. Too bad for me. And so I have to be creative and varied the food that I feed her. She loves to eat pasta though and so I prepare pasta dishes like spaghetti and chicken macaroni soup every now and then. I also give her fruit, which she just spits out most of the time. She loves joghurt and bread though and that is a relief. And of couse, she still drinks milk up to four times a day. But contrary to what I experience with her, Hubby told me that he has no problem feeding her in the evenings when I am not home because I have my German lessons. Hmmm.... could it be that the I am the problem? Merong favoritism si Sam.. :(

But anyway, here are photos of her eating that I was able to dig from my archive.

Enjoying her oreos.

Eating a peanut butter sandwich and bretzels.

Enjoying a fruit popsicle one hot summer day.

She likes to eat apples and bananas... no more.

Is it difficult to feed your child too? What did you do? I sure could use some advice!

mommy moments

Food Trip Friday: Crispy Duck

I am not a big fan when it comes to eating ducks. There is just something in the meat that I find unpleasant to the taste buds but when I got awfully hungry when we were in Munich and stopped by an Asian Resto, I decided to order their Crispy Duck (Knusper Ente) because it looks delicious. And it was! I had a very full stomach it was difficult to breath and stand up! Hehe!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Paw,

I know you have a lot of things going for you. You've moved back to your birthplace again. You are faced with the challenge of raising your own son by yourself. Your family is also expecting a lot from you. But I know that you can endure all the hardships of life. You have seen far more difficult challenges before that you were able to hurdle and so I know that you will endure. Just stay strong and stand firm and never cease to have faith in Him. I know, malakas ka kay Batman.

I am proud of what you have accomplished and with what you want to do in your life. I know that you have envisioned a beautiful future for you and Miggy. I'd say go for that. I will just be here, you know that. After all, we're sisters.

Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and it will not be complete without sending a greeting or two to our families, relatives and friends. While most of us would just send an email or an SMS to greet someone, I still prefer the old-fashioned way people greet someone on special occasions. And that is with greeting cards, with a message personally and lovingly written. During Christmas, I always look forward to receiving greeting cards as gifts. And this Christmas, I would like to send personalised christmas cards to our loved ones in the Philippines.

I have been eyeing some nice Christmas card designs at I found lots of modern and contemporary designs that can be personalized. Some designs can be added with your own family photo too, which is just great! If you want the more traditional designs like the nativity or the three kings, you can find it there too!

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