Friday, October 29, 2010

Units and Conversions

I just attended a most stressful lecture class today called Chemical Reaction Engineering. Although the topic for the introductory lecture seemed familiar because of my background in Chemical Engineering, it was still quite confusing because of the abbreviation used in the formulae. The way the sample solutions were presented were quite confusing too so that even our professor told us to try to solve the sample problems and exercises ourselves to get a better understanding of things.

The stoichiometry is not a problem because I had a good foundation of this subject matter. What I find confusing are the conversions and to be mindful of the unit of measure that you are using. While taking down notes and trying to follow what my professor was saying, I was reminded of the pysics laboratory experiments that we had to conduct on measuring different types of materials using various measuring devices such as micrometers, calipers, even the good old meter stick and then converting these units of length to the required or needed unit of measure. It was tedious I tell you and it is just the beginning. Whew!

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zoan said...

and mind you, just by reading this blog entry of yours makes me lose my mind. I am sorry but chemistry and the likes makes me faint :( I don't like the subject. ahaha

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