Friday, October 1, 2010

Mommy Moments: Jump Shot

Today's theme for Mommy Moments is JUMP SHOT! I have always enjoyed jump shots... it captures the fun and the big smiles. But I am not very good at it because I am heavy. Lol! Here's my latest jump shot, taken when we were in Paris. The Eifel Tower is just the perfect background for a jump shot, don't you think? 

My little girl enjoys jumping too but she is still too young and her jumps are still too low. It's not yet a real jump but a hop. Yes, you could call it a hop. 

I haven't managed yet to take a photo of her while jumping so I guess I will still have to wait some more time. However, I have photos of her jumping at the bouncing hall at an indoor playground and also one where she was jumping while letting go of her balloons. 

She was really having fun here. So, will these will do for a jump shot?

Perhaps to get her to really like having her photo taken while jumping high, I should do the jump shot more often. What do you think?

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EJ said...

Nice jump, you almost reached the top of the tower.

KC said...

I love your photo, jumping in front of that Eiffel Tower is way too cool!!! I've never ever perfected a jump shot... Wish I could. But it's not working for me. Haha... Your little lady is too cute!

MJ Rodriguez said...

cool shot with the Eiffel Tower! I see it is also your profile pic.

Tetcha said...

Definitely, those tiny jumps of your daughter will do! Very cute! And Mommy, you have a very memorable jump shot with the Eifel Tower as background.

seth said...

Nice...Jumping in Paris!!!!Hope i can do that! :-)

Happy Mommy Moments!

Chris said...

go go go marce! :D

kimmy said...

wow! nice jump! i think i'm to heavy to do that, lol!

Chris said...

i love your jump shot marce! :D

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