Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TCP#104: Dante's Peak

Uh-oh! I am in big trouble for posting TCP soooo late today! I am awfully sorry my dears... This blogger is just so busy reviewing for her final exams. Would anyone of you like to be the guest Coucher for next week's TCP? I have my examinations scheduled the entire month of September and I wonder if there is someone willing to make guest the TCP posts in the coming Tuesdays of September. Just let me know if you are up for it.

Anyway, without further ado, here's my pick for this week's theme Disaster Strikes. It is no other than the film "Dante's Peak", a 1997 disaster film which stars 007 Agent Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton and Charles Hallalan. Brosnan plays the role of a scientist, Dr. Harry Dalton, who was tasked to invertigate possible volcanic activities in the Cascade Mountains which has not erupted for 7000 years, and is located near a town called Dante's Peak. Dante's Peak has just been awarded the "second most desirable city to live in" and is celebrating it's annual Pioneer Days Festival when a strange thing began to take place: two backpackers were spotted floating in the hot spring due to very high temperature. What's more is that after two weeks of evaluating the mountain and finding no results of an imminent eruption, other strange things began occuring such as the water from the tap having a burnt orange due to sulfur dioxide seeping into the town's water supply. Seismic activities followed after that and it was almost too late to evacuate the town's people. Indeed you can sometimes never tell with mother nature, despite the technical equipment that you have to predict it's activity. A dormant volcano is even more dangerous after it has not erupted for thousands of years.

I picked this movie because it is reminiscent of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 which took hundreds of Filipino lives due to the raging lahar that swept villages living near the Zambales Mountain Ranges in Luzon. The pressure was definitely on the volcanologists of PHIVOLCS at that time since they needed to issue an evacuation warning and convince the residents to evacuate due to the severity of the threat but I guess it became way too late for some. I just hope that this natural catastrophe won't happen again and that there will be a more accurate and better disaster-preparedness plan for events such as these.

How about you? What's your Disaster Strikes movie for this week? Come share it with us and leave your TCP link in the linky below:

Thank you for joining us this week on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I hope to see you all again next week for another edition with the theme: "Groovy Kind of Movie"... movies that make you groove with its upbeat music and cool dance steps.

Happy TCP everyone!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Congrats Kat and TJ!

Isn't it wonderful when two people are united in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony? I always find weddings beautiful and that of TJ and Kat's is certainly one of them....

Although I haven't been really close to my high school batchmates since I didn't go to the same university with them during college and had my own set of friends when I got into college, I still keep the Livewires as a part of my extended family and keep them close to my heart... After all, we have been together for four solid years in high school and have kept in touch through social networking.

I am always amazed at the closeness and the strong friendship that the Livewires share and although I usually consider myself as the observer and the silent reader in our FB group page, I can’t help but find myself immersed in the gossips and the excitement that the Livewires have been up to these past few months and found myself commenting and sharing some of my thoughts.

I must admit, I am always among those last to know the most important happenings in town, the wedding of Kat and TJ included. I didn’t even know that they have been going out! That is how clueless I am… But needless to say, I am really happy for both of them. Too bad I wasn’t there to witness their beautiful union. I can only wait for the photos to come flooding…

To Kathy and Timong, my heartfelt and warm Congratulations and Best wishes… Indeed, it's a beautiful day!

“May you live for as long as you love…
May you love for as long as you live…
And may the measure of your love…
be a love without measure.”

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Never Too Late for Summer

Oh yes, it definitely still is summer, at least in the past few days when the sun is really scorchingly hot and everyone is in their sleeveless shirts and shorts, people are eating ice cream and sunbathing at the parks. I am confined inside the Universum though, trying to prepare for my exams and blogging on the side.

I wish though that I were out of town with my family, enjoying the summer heat and visiting another city, enjoying the scenery while we drive, with native sunglasses on to protect my eyes from the sun's glaring light. And then sip an ice-cold drink in one of our stop over cities or simply have a picnic at the town square or park. Oh, what a lovely and relaxing scene. I wish that by the time my exams are over, I will still have some time to take a week off from school and enjoy the remaining days of summer with the family.

How I wish!

A Study Haven at the Universum

August is a busy month for any student taking up a Bachelor's or Master's degree as it is the month of preparing for and taking the final examinations. With so many things to study and prepare for, a place where one can study and discuss with your classmates would be ideal. Of course, there is always the option of studying in the library but one needs to maintain a level of silence there as it is a place for reading and studying. One can also study in the comfort of his or her own room or home. But for someone like me who finds it difficult to focus studying at home because of a lot of distractions, e.g. housechores that clamor for attention, television, playing with the daughter, sleeping, a place that has enough room to study and work, an internet connection and power source, and not so noisy environment is just what I need.

Photo by Christoph Hoffmann, Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Thankfully, I found Universum, introduced to me by my colleagues from the Master Progam last semester when we did a group study in preparation for the final examinations for one of our subjects. I haven't got photos of this study hall yet but I will be sure to post them here when I get the chance to bring my camera with me.

The entire week, I have been going to the Universum to study for my exams. My husband is very supportive enough to take a week off from work so he can look after our little girl while I go to the university to study. I can say that I have neen able to study pretty well this week. My next exam will be on September 1st and I hope that by then, I have already understood and learned all that I need to learn and can confidently say that I am ready.

Thanks Universum!

The Universum can be found at the University of Stuttgart, Vaihingen Campus. It is located at the underground floor of the Mensa Buildig, and is beside Wittwer Uni-Buchhaus. See the modern art installation in the photo above? The door behind leads to the Universum.

Building Homes Or Renting Them?

Correct me if I am wrong when I say that one of a married couple's dreams is building their very own house one day. A house that is big enough for their prefered number of children, with a big kitchen, and lots of space to run around. There would be a garden outside too, a winter garden if needed be and equipped with one of those outdoor fireplaces so that the cold of the winter won't stop you from enjoying your garden and inviting your friends over for a garden party even if it is snowing.

At least for me and my husband, that is our dream... to build our own house, either here in Germany or in our home country. It all depends on how much we can save and how much building a house and a piece of land would cost by the time we save enough money. I guess that building our dream home is still a far cry from reality and we could just content ourselves with renting for now. But even renting an apartment could be very expensive too...

Which leaves me with the question in the end: until when should we continue paying for a house that will never be ours and start building our own? And the vicious cycle of reasoning repeats...

Mommy Moments: Sam and Nutrition

Did I mention before that my girl is a picky eater? She would prefer chocolates over a meal... but that was before. Now, I am happy to say that she is eating better and would only eat sweets after she has eaten the main meal. She can eat by herself but of course we spoon feed her especially if she is distracted with other things.

She also eats a variety of fruits... She likes to eat peaches, apples, banana, honey melon, strawberry and grapes, depending on her mood. I guess seeing other kids eating a variety of fruits at the kindergarten and experiencing harvesting the fruit herself has allowed her to better appreciate how different fruits taste like.

For breakfast, she usually eats cereal with milk, "sowie Kuya Mark" as she would always say, referring to the cereal with milk that her Kuya Mark eats for breakfast when we went camping together at Südsee Camp a few months ago. She also likes cheese and bread and ice cream. Every now and then, we allow her to eat ice cream especially on very hot days.

There is no food pyramid yet but I guess it is a great guide in preparing healthy meals and snacks for my little girl. I guess I should keep that in mind the next time I prepare menus for her.

mommy moments

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are You Covered?

So you love the adrenaline rush, the thrill and the ecstasy that you get each time you jump off a plane on one of your skydiving escapades or your life hangs in the balance when you go rock climbing in the steep cliffs of Canada or where ever.

If you love extreme sports and other high risk activities, just be sure that you are fully covered or insured so that you would be really at ease and fearless each time you put your life on the line. And it shouldn't be only extreme sports enthusiasts who should get covered, even the police, firemen, war correspondents and those whose lives are put on the line because of duty should also be fully covered.

It is not just to anticipate the events that might happen, it is to protect yourself, your family and your future.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TCP#103: Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Hello Couchers! Welcome to the late edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we blog about a movie each week. Life's A Comic. That is what some people say and that is our theme for this week's TCP as we feature movies that are based on comics...

A case of mistaken identity... That is what this film is all about. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties is a 2006 film that also carries the following titles: Garfield 2: The Prince and The Paw-per in the UK, Garfield: The Movie 2. It is a sequel to the 2004 Garfield Movie whose storyline is based on Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper and its title alludes to Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.

I have always enjoyed this fat cat's dark humor and this time around, he brings us to London with him and to the world of English regals. Prince, the cat who looks exactly like Garfield just inherited a castle and their passed crossed somewhere in the streets of London and their roles were switched. What happens after that is an experience both cats will never forget.

What's your Life's A Comic movie? Come and share it with us by entering your link in the linky below:

Thank you all for joining us here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I hope to see you all again next week for another movie feature with the theme: Disaster Strikes, movies about disasters.

Happy Tuesday everyone... enjoy the rest of the week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easter Memories...

Easter is a much celebrated event here in my part of the planet. Not just in churches... I even got into the Easter spirit and decorated the house with spring and Easter decoration this year and I haven't found the time to put them away yet...

The Easter season is one of the most poopular events among children here, along with St. Martin's Day, Fasching or Carnival, and Christmas. I remeber my girl telling me excitedly what she did at the Kindergarten for their Easter celebration. That they went egg hunting and each child was allowed to choose among the many kids Easter baskets and fill it with the easter eggs that they find. That after collecting and finding all the eggs, they ate the eggs and that she ate all of her share. And she giggled. A few days after that, she wouldn't stop asking me to boil eggs so she could shell them herself.

Easter for me is like starting anew, starting fresh and I guess my little girl will come to understand it and appreciate it more as she grows bigger. Beyond the decorations that beautify are the symbols of new life and new beginning, which is what Easter really represents. And isn't it very good timing that Easter morning comes in Spring time,  when everything comes back to life again? An amazing fact....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There Is Money in Waste

"May Pera sa Basura"... this is how it is translated into my mother language. Indeed, there is a lot of income potential in waste, if you know how to treat it. I have participated in various educational excursions through the Waste Master Program of the University of Stuttgart. The different waste management facilities that we have been to, whether it is a private enterprise or a public institution, are living proof of that.

I guess one can really gain a lot of insight when studying the many different available technologies available for waste treatment, be it in the solid, waste or gas form. There are of course efforts towards waste management especially where solid waste is concerned and the regulations and laws are existing but as to its implementation, that still remains a question.

With the Philippines having so many problems, I guess environmental conservation is not really on the top list with the current administration. If I was not mistaken, it was stated last on the list in President Noynoy's platform of government and well, it was not very impressive for me. Of course, I could be mistaken as I am not currently living in my country.

I commend though the efforts of the many environmentally-concerned groups and organizations who are working hard to educate and implement the different waste programs decentrally. If only more effort and the national government would also make it a priority, they would be surprised at how much they can gain back from waste and in the process, help to ensure environmental sustainability. There is still a long way to go.... but it is doable.

Well, it's just me, seriously thinking....

Lighting Sets The Mood

What makes a room inviting and welcoming? I would have to say that it is the lighting. A good lighting in any room helps to create that mood that you are rooting for: relaxing, intimate, calming, friendly, or light and cheery.

If you are planning on creating a mood in your own home, a good place to start is at the entrance hall of your home if you have one. Putting up wall sconces could just very well give your guest that warm welcome without having to find their way inside your home. Remember that a house entrance wall should be well lit so that your lighting should be enough to light up the entire corridor.

Another area in your house that could use some lighting is the bedroom. A bedroom should have different options for lighting. Installing dimmers or bedroom wall sconces help give your bedroom that amount of light that you need. With various designs to choose from, you can even coordinate your lighting design according to your bedroom's style. Going for a rustic look? How about putting up bronze wall sconces in this floral design?

It would look perfect on your bedroom wall. There's even a coordinated chandelier or a flushmount that you can install in your living room to complete the look.

Many of us fail to realize the role that good lighting can provide. But yes, lighting does make all the difference.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small Space?

You have always dreamed of having enough room to move around your house. Unfortunately, your current abode does not afford this space. So you think of moving to a bigger house... but the would entail spending more than what you are already spending for your house rent or house mortgage. The best thing that you can do? Make your rooms functional and try to minimize yoour furniture. As they always say, "less is more".

So what's the secret to making your room look bigger and roomier?

A mirror large and wide enough, mounted on one wall will give any room the illusion of it being bigger as mirrors reflect a room. Plus, it reflects light so that it helps to light up the darker parts of a room.

When choosing furniture, choose those that are multi-functional and are not so bulky looking. You can for instance use a Howard computer cabinet that is foldable and can be mounted on a wall instead of the traditional computer table if you are using laptops or notebooks. The colors of some of your furniture should also be a monotone of your wall color so that they will blend with the room, making it look wider. Be sure also that your furniture does not block the walkway.

Color your walls with a softer and lighter hue as they make a space feel open and airy. For best results, use soft tones of blue and green.

Remove all the clutter. Use and put in your room what you only need. Store away all those that you don't need. Keep things simple and organized. You can decorate a room of course but don't overdo it. Create a focal point in your room and keep your decorations to a minimum. It is always better to just hang one painting on a wall than a number of small ones.

Monday, August 15, 2011

TCP#102: Lost In Space

Hello Couchers! It's time again for another edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we feature one of our favorite movies each week. Last week, we went to New York when we featured movies "Set in New York." This Tuesday, we will be exploring outer space with our movie theme "Spaced Out." Are you ready for some space adventure then?

Image Source: media.dvdtown.com

My pick this Tuesday is Lost In Space, a 1998 science fiction film about the family Robinson who is on a mission to create a Hyper-Gate in orbit around Alpha Prime, the human race's new home. Their mission was sabotaged and when they had to go on Hyper-Drive or else be pulled by the sun, found themselves lost in space. This movie really left me all hanging as it ended right as the Robinsons and West activate the Hyperdrive. Did they really reach Alpha Prime? I was rooting for a part two but there was no news of it. Although it did make it to the Box Office and it was indeed an interesting movie, I thought that the acting was not really that noteworthy or spectacular.

What's your "Spaced Out" movie my dear Couchers? Come and share it with us here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes.

Next week's theme: "Life's A Comic" (films based on comics)

Thank you for joining us this week on TCP! Hope you all have a good week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just The Three Of Us

My little girl, who is now almost 42 months old is still sleeping with us. But I can't complain since she is our very own little doll. Although she is not huggable, she is still one who's very easy to cuddle. :D I know that I have to train her to sleep on her own but I guess it is not yet the time.

With a bed this big, there's enough room for three!

One reason that's stopping us from training her to sleep in her own room is that she doesn't have her own bed yet. The room that is supposedly hers is currently being used as an office and linen room. We would need to purchase her own bed and closet among others to furnish it. I also want to create a room with a princess theme since I know that she will love it. And with so many things that I want to do in her room, it would also need a great deal of budget. So we are putting the "Princess Room Project" on hold until further notice. For now, she sleeps with us in our own little nest.

And YES, Mama is not ready yet to let go of her little baby.

In the photo:
Esprit Home "Super" bedlinen set
with 1 200x200cm Bedcover and 2 80x80cm pillowcase
2 40x80cm pillowcase, 1 plaid (sold separately)
Material: maco cotton satin

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere

I have always wondered how motorbikers find their way around many different places. On our travels, we always find lots of motorbikers stopping for some rest at service or parking areas, all geared up and their motorbikes packed too. Such an adventorous and carefree life, don't you think?

If we could get lost while driving our way around the Black Forest, what more for these motorbikers? It is really amazing how they can find themselves around highways, streets and corners. Perhaps they just have a very effective navigation system such as the garmin zumo 220 motorcycle gps online that is specially designed for motorbikers.

There are lots of curvy and narrow roads here in Germany and I guess for bikers, it is a haven for them. For bikers equipped with a very good and reliable gps system, there are not limits as to their destinations. Who would get lost in the middle of nowhere then?

Friday, August 12, 2011

One Down, More To Go

I had my first day of exams today... I don't know if I should be happy about it or not considering the effort I put into studying this single subject. I thought I did okay but you can never really tell until the results are out. I guess I will just have to humor myself and try to stop thinking about what I could have answered.

I have studied all about the possible things that would come out in the exam but when I was sitting there and answering the questions, I was always bound to forget some important details which are key to answering the problems. It's funny really, how one single word can ruin everything for you.

My professor said that the results will come out in ten working days. Hopefully, I will have earned a good score so that I wouldn't have to retake the same exam in September. If I pass, that will definitely one weight off my shoulders. I will just keep my fingers crossed...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Own It On BluRay and DVD Giveaway Winners

Hello Couchers! If you joined my giveaway, I know you have been waiting anxiously for the results. I know I also promised to post the winners yesterday but due to unavoidable circumstances, i.e. I had terrible abdominal pains until now, I wasn't able to.

First I want to thank those who joined my giveaway and to all the wonderful Couchers who have been with us all this time. I totally appreciate your support for TCP and if I only have a million euros, I would reward each one of you.

So the final moment has come and it is time to announce the winners. By the way, instead of using Random.org, I used The Hat in drawing the winners.

And without further here are the lucky Couchers:

Congratulations to Trish Lopez of Thoughts Online for winning the DVD movie and to Marie Khan of Bookish for winning the Blu-Ray movie!

Please send me your address and your chosen film to this email: anak0430 at gmail dot com.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks everyone for joining! Until the next giveaway...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is Your Marriage Contract in NSO Paper?

For Filipinos who are married, just married and will be getting married, here is something that might be of interest to you. We are all aware that in the processing of important documents like passports, VISAs, social security, bank loans, etc. a marriage certificate printed in security paper (SECPA) and issued by the National Statistics Office is more often than not included in the requirements.

If you find yourself just married and would like to speed up the processing of your marriage certificate, you can endorse it yourself or you can ask your local registrar to have your marriage certificate electronically copied so that when they endorse it to the National Statistics Office, it will no longer have to wait along with the other paper documents that need to be archived and scanned. I wonder if the National Statistics Office in the Philippines has a scanner software that manages and makes archiving documents easy and well-organized because I was told that it will take about six months before you can get a copy of your marriage certificate printed in security papers from the NSO. If you are in a hurry, waiting six more months is definitely NOT an option, right?

What's so special with this security paper anyway? Nothing really... Your document is just like your original since it is a scanned copy and has the following additional features: an NSO seal at the top left corner, a bar code at the lower left of the sheet that determines where your record was archived and the signature of the issuing officer at the lower right.

The Basil Is Here To Stay

When I learned that basil helps ward off fruit flies, I immediately wanted to buy a pot. Rewe, the supermarket just below our flat sells basil for €0,99 per pot and since it is not so expensive, I bought myelf one. Then I placed it on my kitchen counter top and observed whether there will be changes.

True enough, the fruit flies began to go away. Maybe it's true after all that fruit flies detest the smell of basil. I also observed at the supermarket itself that they placed some pots of basil on the fruits and vegetable that easily attract fruit flies like tomatoes, peaches and strawberries.

Now that I know that this wonder herb helps to drive away fruit flies, I will see to it that I always have a pot in my kitchen especially in the summer season. And since it is one of the main ingredients in making pesto and can also be used in vegetable salads and as topping for pizza and pasta, I can enjoy these healthy treats whenever I please.

Got fruit flies swarming in your kitchen too? Try putting a pot of basil in your kitchen. It can help.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She Is Growing Up So Fast!

I am referring to my godchild Sati, who is turning TWO in Novemebr. Sigh! How quickly time flies, especially if you are busy!

A friend and fellow blogger posted a recent photo of my godchild, playing under a monobloc table. I guess she was trying to be resourceful and imaginative and pretended it was her playhouse. She looked so adorable under it! I guess that is one of the good things if you don't give everything to your child... it leaves them room to be creative and imaginative.

But that does not stop me from wishing I were a millionaire so that I can buy Sati some playground equipment. She can play with her brothers in their little backyard and they will have lots of fun! They can even share it with other children in their neighborhood too!

I haven't met Sati personally yet. I only get glimpses of her in photos and videos. She is my little model as she dons different styles of dresses. Each time Marce Peh posts a photo, Sati is garbed in a new dress that a ninang gave her. I always smile each time I see her bright smile... it surely never failed to cheer me up. She is sunshine, that little girl. And I hope that one day she and my little will be able to meet and play together. It should be so much fun!

Monday, August 8, 2011

TCP#101: Kate and Leopold

Wow! I can't believe we are now on the 101st edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes! We have come this far haven't we? Thank you my loyal Couchers for being with all this time. My giveaway has also almost come to an end and I can't wait to draw the winners tomorrow. Please watch out for the announcement of winners on Wednesday okay?

Are you ready for another movie feature this week? Our theme is Set in New York. If you fell in a movie that has been set in New York, regardless of whether it is a classic or newly released, then come share it with us!

My pick: Kate and Leopold. This romantic-comedy fantasy movie stars Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman and is about "a duke who travels through time from New York 1876 and travels to the present and falls in love with a career woman in the modern New York." (Wikipedia)

This is one of those love stories that would leave you wishing you had your own duke who traveled through time and you both lived happily ever after. I can dream on right? But like most movies, it does not really happen in real life.

Another thing to love about this movie? The OST "Until", written and performed by Sting. You have to watch this vid from YouTube to know what I mean. It really wrapped up the movie for me!

Got a movie "Set in New York"? Come share it with us!

Hope you can join us again next week for another edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes with the theme "Spaced Out", movies about man and outer space. Astronauts anyone?

Thanks for joining us this week on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Have a good week everyone!

A Basil In My Kitchen

Those tiny little fruit flies are pestering my kitchen! It is the summer after all, although it feels like it is already autumn. It is kind of warm inside the house and I have a stock of fruits too - kiwis, apples, peaches, bananas. Why? My little daughter would just ask for them at random times during the day. She has a liking for peaches these days and they are always the second ones to attract fly attention, the first being bananas.

So, I don't want to use harsh chemicals to get rid of them. They are after all not really dangerous. I just don't like the idea of them swarming in my kitchen. That is just something I cannot stand. Trying to find an answer on how to get rid of fruit flies naturally, I went to the one person who always has the answers to any kind of question: Mr. Google.

And so here are the tips that I got on how to get rid of them naturally:

1. Remove all the possible locations where they can swarm like open bins, a fruit tray with overripe fruits in it, damp and moist spots. Denying them of a breeding ground will eventually shoo them away.

Photo: http://www.stockfood.co.th/

2. Flies don't like basil. Place basil leaves in your fruit basket or a pot or two of basil in your kitchen counter top. Place it near your fruit basket.

3. Prepare a solution of two ounces of hot water and ten drops of lemongrass oil. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray around your kitchen and your home. This will help get rid of them in an environment-friendly and safe way.

4. Vinegar will also help. Try putting some apple cider vinegar in a small container. Add a bit of your dishwashing liquid into it. Place it in a location where they tend to swarm and wait. The vinegar smell will attract them and will eventually lead them to the trap. Flies can't swim, can they? Lol!

So I guess tomorrow I am gonna buy a pot of basil in my kitchen. Then maybe if I feel like eating gourmet food, I can also experiment. Maybe I can even learn how to make pesto! I wish!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost 61!

My mom will be celebrating her 61st birthday next month and my father this month. That soon? It was only last year when they turned 60. Time does fly so fast. I know I am gonna miss their birthday again this year but I know they understand. I just have to make sure that we give them a call in time for their birthdays.

I am hoping to give her something special this year. I am thinking of a birthstone ring or a bracelet or her favorite fragrance. For moms, the possibilities are endless I am actually confused. Maybe I can find some great birthday gift ideas for moms over at makemymothersring.com and where I can get them. I just have to check it out!

As for my Dad, maybe we can buy him some Birkenstock footwear or a Swiss watch. We'll just see what we can come up with.

Last year, we got them a digital camera and then my sisters and I chipped in to give them a vacation in Bohol as they have never been there yet. They turned sixty last year after all.

When giving gifts to parents, it is not the monetary value of the gift that counts but the thought and sincerity that comes with it. I know that I will be content receiving a birthday card from my little girl which she made herself. So that I know that whatever we give for my parents on their birthday, they will be happy about it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Singing Lullabies

If you are a mom, you must at one point in your life sang songs to your babies and children, especially when you try to lull them to sleep or soothe whatever pain they are feeling. Whether you have a golden voice or not, it doesn't matter... your voice is still that one thing that will soothe them and put them at ease.

My little girl is growing up so fast. I can still remember the nights when I would sing her to sleep. Even her daddy would sing her the lullaby that I have put together from different lullabies. Now that she is "big" as she claims it, I still hum to her especially if I want her to take her afternoon nap. She does love to sing and dance too. I guess the time will come when she will be the one singing to me. I am looking forward for that day to come.

It has been a while since I posted a photo of my little girl. So here it is:

Big isn't she? And pretty too!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Museum Of Me

I have always loved Intel! We all know that if a computer has an Intel inside, you are sure that it is fast and reliable. And it has never failed to meet and even exceed my expectations. But hey, there is something new that is even more interesting to all Intel and Facebook fans out there!

Ever heard of the Museum of Me? Take a look at the video below to find out more about it! And be sure to like the Facebook Intel page after you're done watching.

So, what do you think about this new Facebook app?

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