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Benefits and Risks of Home Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that is specifically geared towards women who have already gone through menopause. With this type of treatment, the female hormones and estrogen that are no longer produced are replaced through regular medication. Women who experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness and bone loss are often prescribed a hormone replacement therapy course of treatment. While there are a wide range of benefits pertinent to hormone replacement therapy, there are some risks as well. 

Systemic hormone therapy comes in the form of a cream, spray, pill, patch or gel. This type of hormone therapy helps the most with night sweats, hot flashes and the discomfort that comes from having vaginal dryness. Systemic therapy utilizes large doses of estrogen. An increase in estrogen can reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and colon cancer.

Low-dose vaginal estrogen products come in a cream, ring or tablet form. These products offer minimal absorption by the body, and they treat vaginal and urinary-related symptoms associated with menopause. These types of products also help with night sweats, mood swings and hot flashes. If you have not had your uterus removed, your doctor will likely prescribe a course of treatment that combines estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen alone can trigger growth in the uterine lining; this can lead to uterine cancer. Progesterone prevents this from happening. 

Hormone replacement therapy for women does have some potential side effects. Many of the possible side effects become a greater issue if you have a family history of certain conditions. If you have a family history of heart disease, certain cancers, blood clots or stroke, you should work with your doctor to determine the best hormone replacement therapy option. Osteoporosis, anxiety and depression and heart disease are potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy. If you have a history of blood clots, liver disease or breast cancer, you should avoid hormone replacement therapy. If you minimize the other medications you take, limit your stress, exercise regularly, eat a healthy and well-balanced diet and visit your doctor regularly, you can greatly minimize many of the side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

There's No Place Like Home

The day that we have long been waiting for has finally come! After the Friday rush from work (which I so dread but expected), all the last minute packing, and saying goodbye to all the stress, we are now on vacation mode!

Waiting for boarding at the gate at Z├╝rich Airport, Switzerland's largest airport.
In-flight meal from Singapore Airlines en-route to Singapore. Yum!
Transit in Singapore. We had to change from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1.
Arrived last Sunday with my sissies and bro picking us up from the airport and having a typical Filipino meal. It was also my Papa's birthday, which made our home coming even more special. Cousins, also the ones who I haven't seen for years, came to visit and celebrate with us. It is a great feeling to be back home again and tasting my Mama's home cooking meals again! And to see my nephews and nieces who have grown a lot since I last saw them.

All is well and good... and we are now exploring the different islands my home country has to offer. First on the list - Cebu and it's islands! But that folks is another story...


Small Business Start-up?

There’s no question that starting up a small business venture that is essentially an entrepreneurial enterprise can be both incredibly exciting and utterly daunting. Yes, it’s amazing to throw yourself into your passion and pursue it wholeheartedly. The daunting aspect, however, is the realization that you’ll have to take care of every important aspect of running the business on your own, at least at first.

Once a new small business gets up and running, the owner can start to get a sense of what’s working and what isn’t, and start making adjustments along the way. When things begin to run smoothly, it may be wise for the business owner to consider bringing in an assistant to take on some of the business duties, and then to look for other outside resources that can help lighten the workload.

Help With Product Fulfillment

One very important aspect of a small business that creates products for shipping is order fulfillment. Getting products ready for sale and then taking orders and shipping them out to customers is a crucial part of business for these kinds of companies, but product fulfillment is a big, time-consuming job. All of this is why some small businesses turn to mailbox companies in order to facilitate their shipping fulfillment services. Many mailbox outlets do offer these services, along with warehouse space to store products until they are shipped out. These services are offered at affordable rates, and they go a long way towards freeing up a business owner’s time so they can focus on other key aspects of their business.

As the saying goes, time is money, which is why delegating some crucial business duties and using outside resources can be a critical part of running a small business successfully. If you value your time as a business person, start exploring ways you can delegate out some of your work today.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Convenient HVAC Installation and Repair

Before It's Too Late

Considering the almost insane temperatures that have been occurring lately, you may be thinking about finally installing an HVAC unit. It's always better late than never. Not only will you experience actual cool temperatures in your home, but if you ever plan to sell your house, buyers tend to prefer homes with HVAC units already installed in them. Indeed, some reports have indicated that especially among the Millenial generation of homebuyers--those who will soon be the only ones in the market looking to buy a home--they have been selecting homes that come equipped with what is considered staple amenities. Among the chief of those is a working HVAC system. So, you can leave those kitchen and bathroom renovations to the side and instead pool your money towards installing a unit instead.

Those With A Plan

Unless you went to school for wiring and electrical work, it's likely that you're not going to know the first thing about the installation of an HVAC unit. Thankfully, Chrismon Heating and Cooling have experts just waiting for your call. They are experts in installation and Greensboro furnace repair. Their dedicated and trained team can take a look at your home, determine its needs and areas where heating and air conditioning can do the most work, and then set up a plan to see it done. They bring the tools, knowledge, and equipment to transform your house from a den of discomfort to one of comfortable coziness.

If one of the reasons why you chose not to install an HVAC unit was because of the increased cost in your energy bill, your worries can be reduced. The experts at Chrismon Heating and Cooling know what air conditioning units provide the best service without draining the power. They can also make sure that your house is receiving the most that it can, so your HVAC unit doesn't have to work all day and night. Trust in them to bring your house into modernity.

Where is Suki?

So the family is on the road for some much needed vacation. It has been months since our last family break and since it's the school break of our daughter, we might as well spend it in our home country. And because getting there in our Heimat requires long hours of flying, our Suki is not allowed to be with us on board.

Flying her through a special transport service for the four weeks that we will be away is out of the question. Aside from it being too expensive, something that this family cannot afford just yet, it would also be very risky considering her breed and all the health risks that go with it.

Spending the afternoon at the park while our girl is having her ballet classes.

So where is Suki now? She is in the good hands of Pino in his dog pension in Ludwigsburg. Suki enjoys it there I think. She loves to be in the company of other dogs too although she loves it best to be cuddled by us and being the center of our attention.

But for the 4 weeks that we will be away, she will be vacationing too! - with Pino at Pinos Hundehotel Paradiso in Ludwigsburg in the company of dogs with from different households whose owner friends are away on vacation too. We will be missing our four-legged friend, I mean we are missing her already. But we are assured that she in good hands, in the able hands and care of Pino.

How Important is Regularly Scheduled Maintenance for Your AC System?

During the summer months, temperatures can become extremely uncomfortable, if it were not for air conditioning. Often people tend to forget just how much they depend on their AC systems. Scheduling regular maintenance checkups is important to ensure that your air conditioning does not go out when you need it the most.

When to Schedule Service

Since most people have HVAC systems that heat and cool their home, it should be serviced in the fall before the weather becomes cold and again before summer. This will help to make certain there are not problems waiting to happen. The technician can make sure your filters are in good shape. This is something that you should do regularly anyway, but they can replace them if they are dirty.

What Do Service Technicians Check?

A technician can check the compressor and clean it, if necessary. He or she will make sure the ducts are open and working as they should. Ducts that are dirty make the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The technician can make sure your filters are in good shape. Another thing that will be inspected is the outside unit to make sure it is not blocked by plants, shrubs, or debris.

The service technician will also check the electrical components of your system. They will make sure refrigerant levels are correct so the air will be cool. Motors need lubrication, so this is another aspect that is part of the preventative maintenance performed by air conditioning technicians. Even with maintenance, air conditioning units can experience problems. This is why companies such as Penguin Air provide air conditioning repair in Naples FL.

Thermostats should also be part of the maintenance checkup. They can cease to work correctly, particularly if they are older. Digital thermostats are preferable and a technician can install one to help keep your home at the temperature you select.

If you have recently moved to your home or have not had to hire an air conditioning service technician in the past, do the research to find the right one. They should be licensed, insured, and bonded. Recommendations from family, friends, or co-workers can be helpful. You will want to make certain the company you choose is established and reliable.

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