Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Bands That Bind

Marriage is no laughing matter. Many couples who do decide to get married are somehow prepared with what's coming their way. From the proposal down to the wedding day and the rest of their lives, there is one thing that plays a major role, that one symbol that keeps husband and wife together no matter what: their wedding bands. The ring, in its perfectly round shape is a symbol of unity and oneness and has been around since the time of Cleopatra. It is what binds husband and wife, and is the strong witness to the sacred vow that they made before God and man.

Once in a person's life, the RING becomes his/her turning point or crossroad. Men who have finally chosen the woman they want to marry give away engagement rings, and they do so in very surprising, romantic and even out-of-this-world proposals: dinner by candlelight with live romantic music, an extraordinary outdoor adventure, or a public proposal.

Needless to say, the couple will of course have to choose their wedding bands. It could be diamond wedding bands, or just plain gold or platinum wedding bands. It could come in various designs and carat and price. It shouldn't matter though whether the wedding bands are expensive or not, elegantly designed or not. What matters is that there was a spirit of sincerity, joy, excitement and agreement when the wedding bands were chosen.

One has to start things right the first time, right? And a good way to start your new life together is with the right wedding bands.

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zoan said...

yeah, agree din ako sayo :) i hope can afford ang bf ko bumili ng engagement rings and wedding bands for us pag naisipan na namin magpakasal:)

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