Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Traveling and Car Seats

I always enjoy traveling with my family. What I don't enjoy is when my little girl gets car motion sickness. On the one side, I hate to see her in pain and get all messed up because of it. On the other side, I don't like the smell that hangs in the air and the cleaning that I need to do afterwards.

Oh yes, cleaning up is very difficult, especially the car seats because they need to be deodorized and the stain needs to be removed. If we only had seat covers, it wouldn't be that difficult. With seat covers, your car seats are protected from unwanted stains and spills and what's best, you only need to remove them and wash them and they are good as new! I guess it is high time we buy one. I am looking for washable and easy to clean ones, with a modern design that will suit our car.

And I found these custom made sheepskin seat covers that will just be perfect for our car, especially now that winter is fast approaching. It looks elegant, and I like the sheepskin material too. It won't be difficult to clean and our car seat will be well protected too. And we won't even be ashamed to ask friends to ride with us because our car seats will soon look good as new with these seat covers!

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