Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crafts for Kids: Bambi and Friends

My little girl has been asking me thousands of times that we create something together. So on this day when the Kindergarten is closed and there is only her and me in the house, this Mommy has no choice but to oblige. It has been Bambi lately... 

Last Monday, when we both had to stay home because she was sick, we created this Bambi Shadow Box Playset which was unfortunately done in grayscale since we didn't have a colored printer. :( It would have looked better, like the one in the photo from the website where we got the printable from. But it was fun for her... And she gave it away as a gift to her friend at the Kindergarten yesterday. Sweet ain't she?

And today we found this pattern of a doe from We printed it out, again in grayscale and the little girl is in the process of cutting them out. We will try to paste them on brown board paper and put them all together. Hopefully, we will get it right. If not, we will try again tomorrow as it is another "no-Kindergarten-Day". First, I must buy some colored paper and other craft supplies since I am running out of them.

If you want to try them out, check out the websites that I have linked to. Happy crafting!

Get Yourself A Fast and Reliable
Internet Connection

I often hear of friends complaining about their very slow internet connection, reporting of very slow speeds that it takes an eternity to load pages and even impossible to download things. But which internet service to choose? Here are some of your options: dial-up, broadband, or dsl. So what's the difference?

Dial-up: In terms of speed, dial-up is considered the slowest, with 56kbps top. It also makes use of your phone dial tone so you either miss or can't make calls while on dial-up connection, unless of course you have a call waiting or a modem-on-hold software. Although slow, it is the cheapest internet service there is. I also kind of missed the beeping sound it makes when it starts to dial up. It just sounds very classic!

Broadband: If you need higher speeds for gaming, making download and video streaming, this type of connection is ideal, with download speeds up to 12Mbps. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is actually a type of broadband connection that is dependent on your telephone company. With that, it means that is uses phone lines. There is also Cable, which as the term suggest, obviously runs on your cable connection. Then there is the satellite broadband service, which boasts of even faster speeds.

So if you need a faster internet connection, check out the different internet service providers first and see if high speed connections are available in your area.  With the ever increasing demand for faster broadband connections, chances are these ISPs are also trying to keep up, offering faster than ever internet services. The list can go on... and the terms can be confusing too. So check. Try to make a survey too of other internet users in your area. This will really help you in deciding what will suit your needs.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel Destination: South Tyrol

Think fresh air, breathtaking views of mountains ranges and valleys and lakes, rolling hills, green fields, mountains of every height, and trails, lots and lots of hiking trails for as far as your feet can take you. That is South Tyrol... And oh so much more!

South Tyrol, Süd Tirol, Alto Adige... this vacation region in the northern part of Italy is one of the best and preferred travel destinations for sports and nature enthusiasts the world over. Whatever time of the year, there will always be something that will beckon you to come: be it hiking during the summer season or skiing and sledding in the winter season. And the food... just mouth-watering and just what your body needs after a day out in the woods or the great outdoors.

So if you are looking for a place to spend your winter holidays, why not South Tyrol? The video says it all! And if you are one of the lucky readers of the online magazine "Dolomighty", you might just win a 5-star ski holiday trip to South Tyrol and a GBP10,000 worth of Salomon ski gear.

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