Saturday, August 26, 2017

Five Types of Gift Baskets For That Special Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries and milestones are great reasons to surprise your recipient with a gift basket. Every gift basket comes in a theme to fit their interests, occupation or the occasion itself. The delicious treats and fun items work together to create the perfect theme. Here are five types of gift baskets to buy now for that special occasion.

Gourmet Gift Baskets: A gourmet gift basket is full of products ranging from cheese and crackers to tea and coffee. The gourmet baskets come in themes such as baking, pizza or wine and cheese. One example is the First Class Gourmet Gift Basket, which includes crackers, cheese spread, pretzels and hot cocoa mix. 

Wine Gift Baskets: You can find products such as wine glace, coasters and snacks inside a wine gift basket. The Wine and Cheese Gift Basket is full of tasty treats and practical gifts, including the seasonal drinks, wine glace, crackers, cheese spread, coasters and cheese board.

Corporate Gift Baskets: Corporate gift baskets include the necessities your recipient needs to get through the work day or celebrate a milestone. One example is the Ritz Corporate Gourmet Gift Basket. It is full of high end treats such as tea, cookies, cheese spread, caviar and crackers.

Kids and Baby Gifts: A gift basket is a fun way to surprise a child who is celebrating their birthday or recovering from an illness. You can also surprise expectant parents with a gift basket at their baby shower. Cheer up a sick child with the adorable Plush Doctor's Kit with Bear Patient. It features the kit, plush teddy bear, sugar cookie and bag. The Neutral Baby Shower Clothesline Baby Gift Basket is perfect for baby showers, and it includes a burp cloth, terry bib, wrist rattle and clothing for the baby.

Care Packages: A care package is a great way to let your recipient know you are thinking of them. Give them a smile and full stomach with the Pizza and Munchies Care Package. It comes with the pizza crust mix and classic pizza sauce to make a delicious dinner. The basket also includes five bags of chips, such as Doritos and Fritos.

You can add a personal touch to your basket with a hand written message. The gifts are arranged at the time of your order to ensure everything is fresh, and the contents are arranged inside a reusable container. Your recipient is sure to smile when they receive a basket full of snacks and gourmet treats.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Professional Property Management

If your business is seeking commercial property management Phoenix area locations or any Phoenix Valley neighborhoods, an experienced full service management company can take either full control of the property handling all the day-to-day activities including coordinating maintenance and repairs, or they can just market and lease the property for you and have whatever other part-time duties you assign them. 

You can self-manage what you want to personally handle.  However, if you want to free up your time or want to expand your purchase of other properties, hiring a property management company will prove to be a smart, time-effective, and cost-effective investment.

Choose a property management company that is specifically dedicated to and well-qualified in commercial property management or which has a team devoted only to commercial projects. Contact those that interest you for descriptive details as to what they provide and ask for a free quote. 

They will tailor a services package to fit your specific property's needs, no matter what size and type it is. Once hired, they will inspect the property, do comparative market analyses and take photographs, have a thorough screening process to find the right tenants including credit and criminal background checks, collect rents and make direct deposits of rents to your account, handle lease compliance and enforcement as well as legal action and eviction if needed, comply with any regulatons, do the accounting and provide financial statements, help with asset management, and other important services.

When you review the contract, make sure you understand what tasks and exact costs are included in the  fee, be sure there are no excessive additional potential charges, and discuss that your goals and the goals of the team are aligned with each other. 

Also, make sure that the management team is known to be friendly and attentive as well as  professional in the treatment of your tenants because the members of the team will be representing you. You want to keep those tenants happy, so use good interview techniques on the people on that team.  

Paramount Property Management and Realty is a fine example of a company that you can depend on. It has a mission to provide  the most trusted and dedicated property management in Phoenix and its surrounding cities and to insure the clients' complete satisfaction.  

Passport Renewal at the Philippine Embassy

Last week, we received a letter from the Immigration Office reminding us that our daughter's passport is about to expire and that we are obliged to submit a copy of the extension of the existing passport or furnish them a copy of the new one.

Oh no! I totally forgot about this! Good thing they reminded us because we have only less than two month's time to get a new passport and we are also travelling to the Philippines in a few days. Whew! That was close!

I prepared the documents that they will be needing beforehand to facilitate a speedy processing. The official website of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin also lists the requirements. 

For a simple renewal of passport, without name change, these are: 
  1. Filled-up passport application form (Download form here.)
  2. Current passport and photocopy of passport information page 
  3. Current German residency permit (Aufenthaltstitel) and photocopy of the permit 
  4. Photocopy of valid visa page (if any) of the passport 
  5. Passport fee €54,00 payable only in cash 
  6. For applicants who wish to collect their new passport by mail: A self-addressed return envelope with €3,95 in stamps for registered mail. I bought the stamp online via the Deutsche Post eFiliale website and printed it on sticker paper since I had no more time to buy one at the post office. 
Because it takes about 8 - 12 weeks before the new passport will arrive, we also had my daughter's existing passport extended. For this, we had to fill up an additional request form and pay €18,00. The form can also be found at the Embassy's website.

And so off they went to Berlin last Thursday to renew the passport. It was quick. It took them only less than an hour to submit the application, her my daughter's photo and biometrics taken and she had her old passport extended until 2019.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Investing in Recycled Materials for Your Business

Scientific studies continue to prove that industries of all types today take their toll on the environment.  Manufacturers, factories, construction crews, and many other types of businesses leave behind large footprints in their bid to serve their clients each day.  

When you cannot help the impact that your own business takes on the environment, you may want to do your part to minimize the damage by investing in recycled materials and supplies.  You can take a small yet meaningful step by purchasing recycled fixtures, wholesale wiping rags made out of reclaimed fabrics, and up cycled products to use in your everyday operations.

High-quality Rags

Even the smallest and most insignificant of supplies like cleaning rags can impact the damage you inflict on the environment.  If you purchase new rags that are made out of resources like cotton, you inadvertently leave a bigger eco footprint.  After all, the production of cotton comes at the expense of soil and water that otherwise could be left alone or put to better use.

However, when you invest in recycled or reclaimed materials, you avoid putting that kind of stress on the environment and instead leave behind a less noticeable footprint.  The rags for sale on the website help you accomplish that eco-friendly goal.  They are also made from the highest quality reclaimed materials so they give you a good return on your investment.

You can find wholesale wipe rags in plain white or an assortment of colors.  You can select the color, size, and style that best accommodate the function of your business.  They are built to last for weeks or months without wearing out and having to replaced.

They also are priced lower than new wiping rags because they are made out of reclaimed material.  You avoid overspending your budget and also have more money left in your cash flow at the end of the month.  You can find out more about ordering and pricing by visiting the company's website today.

The website also sells other products that can benefit your company.  All of the products are designed to enhance the eco-friendly nature of your business.

The smallest of gestures can have a big impact on how your business impacts the environment. When you want to avoid wasting resources or negatively impacting the soil and water, you can maintain your operations by choosing up cycled reclaimed materials for your company today.

Missing The Mountains

It has been a while since we as a family went on a hiking trip. I miss smelling the fresh air, the grass that would gently graze our legs as we pass through narrow trails amidst green fields, the surprising and sometimes challenging ascents and descents that we encounter along the way, the breathtaking view at the summit or at our end destination, how it allows us to just empty our minds of the mundane and busy world that we left behind and just enjoy the presence of one another despite the occassional whining and complaining. :) Walking trails always gives us that sense of stillness and peace, leaving us in awe at the majesty and beauty our eyes can behold. 

Following the king's trail during a hiking trip
a couple of years ago in Schwangau, Bavaria.

However, due to circumstances beyond our control, traveling for this purpose at the time being is difficult to make. But I remain hopeful and positive that one day, all shall be well again... things will go back to normal and we could once again help ourselves to a day or two of hiking in the mountains.

The mountains beckon... and we will be there, SOON!

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