Thursday, January 31, 2013

Learning While Vacationing

Vacationing here in my home country has proven to be full of challenges since we had to be separated as a family. We have been so used to always doing things as a family that I feel it weird to find myself in a situation where I had to do errands alone and decide some things myself. Hubby has to go back for work while the little girl and I are left behind to accomplish some things: learn to drive (for me) and learn the language and attend school (for Samantha).

Looking for a driving school was easy peasy for me but looking for a school for Samantha proved to be difficult. First, because it is already almost the end of the school year. Second, with her turning 5 next month, it is more difficult since only a number of Preschools have playschool programs and only for children aged 3 and below. Good thing I was able to find a school that accepted her: the Angels at Work Montessori and Daycare Center. There she is able to interact with kids her age during playtime and also slowly learn how to write correctly and learn some more numbers. I know it is quite difficult for her especially that there is a language barrier but I guess she is learning bit by bit. And her Cebuano is already improving. She can already speak in short sentences and can even make comments about something she heard or saw on television.   

Safe and Protected

I know some friends who are into music and have even made it their profession. Even my husband's hobby is related to music so that I know how valuable the musical instruments can be to them. Because musical instruments can also be pricey, they also need to be handled with utmost care, keeping them away from too much heat and moisture and protecting them from unnecessary scratches while being transported from one place to another.

This is where protective hard cases come in. Placing valuable musical instruments and equipment in sturdy cases with good cushioning inside will ensure that your equipment, be it musical or electronic, are protected from dust, scratch, vibrations, dents and breaks among others while they are being transported from one place to another. While it is good to invest in good instrument and equipment, it is also smart to invest in quality protective hard cases  to put them in. Having them not only prolongs the life of your instrument or equipment, it helps to maintain its beauty and quality. It also allows for a worry-free travel and helps you focus more on the more important matters since you would not need to worry about your equipment getting damaged along the way.

Because most protective hard cases now have a lighweight construction and serves different purpose, there are also varied choices to choose from in the market today. They come in different sizes and can even be further customized to suit your needs. So if you have something valuable and fragile to store or transport, a protective hard case might well be the solution.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boracay Beach Club

Looking for a nice place to stay in Boracay that is reasonably priced? Boracay Beach Club could well be the answer. This family-owned hotel is conveniently located at Boat Station No. 1, and just within walking distance to Willy's Island, Obama Grill and a lot more. 

The reception itself has a very homey Filipino feel and they serve very good breakfast. I love the furniture, which is made of hardwood and also the condiment and tissue holders, which are made of local materials. 

There is a swimming pool that connects the hotel building to the restaurant and is perfect for evening swims. The poolside cabanas are perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a whole body massage. They also have a front beach lounge, known as Ariel's Lounge, where you can enjoy your breakfast and watch the beachgoers stroll by, enjoying the feel of fine white sand on their feet. Ariel's Lounge is also the meeting point for guests who wanted to go to Ariel's Point, one of Boracay's highlights so it could be very packed with guests beginning at 11:00AM until 11:45AM.


The hotel rooms themselves are spacious, clean, and furnished with a very comfortable bed, flat screen TV with various selections of local and international programs, safety deposit box, hot and cold shower, and a mini bar. There is free WIFI in the whole hotel, even at the front beach lounge so you can always get connected with your loved ones.

The hotel staff was very friendly, always ready to serve and assist you with a smile on their face. The hotel owner was even there to personally greet us when we arrived. I know that I would come back to Boracay again and will choose to stay in this hotel. Thank you everyone for making our brief stay a pleasant and memorable one!

Visit the official website of Boracay Beach Club at This post is also published in

Friday, January 18, 2013

Going Places

It's good to be home once again... even if it is just for a short while. I may have gone places but there is still no place like home. I am very fortunate and blessed to have experienced different cultures and peoples but home always beckons... calling me and whispering that there is more than meets the eye. That is why although we are home, we still made it a point that we are able to visit a place we have never been to yet. 

One of the highlights of our homecoming is our little getaway to Boracay (separate post coming soon!), our choice of the never-been-to-yet place. It was just paradise and we fell in love with the place! Would love to come back again one of these days and stay longer... Hopefully, next time it will be a real honeymoon. ;-)

Why Boracay? It was actually just pure chance. I was checking online for cheap airfares on our preferred dates and the Kalibo flights proved to be the cheapest. We were even hesitant since the weather forecast told of strong winds, rains, and threats of typhoon. Thankfully, the weather cooperated when we were there. Thanks also to the Internet, it was possible to find great accommodations at cheaper rates - may it be a hotel, a vacation home, a youth hostel, etc.  I know that should the chance come to visit other parts of the globe, I can rely on the internet to help me find, for example rental homes in fayetteville nc and get the chance to live in the US. Or I could just plan another getaway to another destination on my "places to visit" bucket list. I guess this year, I will be going places... with the family of course! And my happy feet are as happy as can be! :-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Innocent Heart Needs Our Help

This is a repost from a fellow mommy, blogger, and friend intended for another mommy, blogger and friend. I hope that your hearts will be moved with our plea and with Alphonse's condition and help us in any way you can. God bless us all!

Can you remember how you felt when you first learned you will be having another child? A new member of the family! Another bundle, another baby that will complete your family. Mye, though her pregnancy was unexpected, was filled with joy and excitement,specially that they will be having a baby boy! A prince, her two princess  have long wished for…


Last December 27, the prince arrived! To say Mye’s family was overjoyed is an understatement! But their joy soon turned into worries when they learned about Alphonse's heart condition:
Early morning, I got a visit from my anesthesiologist, my OB-Gyne and the Pediatrician. They went straight to inform me about the bad news. My baby has a hole in his heart chambers and that it needs to be checked by a Pedia Cardiologist. It was such a devastating news. What did my baby do to deserve such an illness? He is so tiny and fragile and he had just arrived in our lives. I kept on crying and I can’t bring myself to stop. It is so heartbreaking.

The next doctor who came into my room was the Pedia Cardiologist and he confirmed the illness of my son. He has Tetralogy of Fallot. He further explained that there is a hole between his bottom heart chambers causing him to lack enough oxygen supply to his lungs. It was the reason why he wasn’t crying. It was as if my son understands that the further he cries, the more stressful it will be for his heart.

The doctor was very kind and told us that even though it happened to him at this stage, this illness is curable by surgery. Yes, my little boy will have to undergo an open heart surgery to survive this illness. He needs to have it at 6 weeks old, the earliest but no more than 3 months or he will not make it. He told us how much the surgery will cost and what do we need to prepare. We will need roughly $12,500 for the surgery alone. It was another shocking news but deep in our hearts, we knew there is hope. We are not wealthy and we need to get that amount in a month so we can schedule our baby’s surgery and free him from this very stressful and scary condition.
Alphonse is fighting and as a family, we want to fight with him.

Let us help Alphonse and his family fight... I know that with your big heart, this little boy’s heart will be saved!

We can help them in so many ways: 

Mye has a digital scrapbook store at Pixels & CompanyYuo can purchase her digital products to help her raise the money needed for the operation.

Mye is also a blog designer. You can avail of her blog design services to help her. Check out My Creative Zone for all the graphic services she is offering as well as the rates. If you are interested, you may place your order through HERE.

You can also donate directly to Mye (paypal address is

Purchase a link from us ($5 for every link, will be posted in a PR2 blog, together with a 50 word description of your site, personal blogs only, commercial blogs will be charged higher). If interested, kindly fill up this form:

You can also help by spreading the word about this, just copy this blog post or create a new post about Alphonse and ways how people can help his family.

Originally posted by Pehpot.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coin Collection and Gold Bullions

One of my friends is an avid coin collector. She would travel far and wide and would see to it that she gets to bring home coins from that country. She even asked me if I had Japanese coins to spare to add to her collection, which I gladly gave her when we met up a few years ago. I think she also collected old coins. She would sometimes come to Stuttgart if there are coin collector exhibits. I wonder if she also collects gold coins and if she knows about where to get best silver eagle coins and gold bullions. I also know of others who collected 1 and 2 euro coins which came from different EU nations. 

My daughter has a gold collection herself, but its virtual. Are you familiar with Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Jake und die Nimmerland Piraten)? On the internet, there is this online game where you can  collect gold bullions after completing a task and which you can use later on to purchase some things in their store.

I don't have an inkling for such a collection although it could be interesting. What I am more interested is crafting. I have a scrapbook project coming up and I hope I get to accomplish it while we are here and I have all the time in the world.

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