Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Needs Helper?

Having house helpers in the Philippines is a common thing among the rich and middle class families. The house helpers clean the house, do the dishes, sweep the backyard, do the laundry and cook food for the family. These are the things that a house helper needs to do, and are just the basic things that needs to be done in order to be considered as a house helper. The house helpers live in the house together with the family but they have their own room in the house.

But finding a good house helper in the Philippines is a different story. If a person lives in the city, he can find a house helper in the yellow pages, yeah, there are people who have this kind of business wherein they have employees or house helpers and all you have to do is to call them and ask for a house helper. But this cannot guarantee you will have a good house helper because some are not good in house cleaning or just typically lazy. And some even buy wireless security cameras for their helpers. If you live in the province, you will have to find one of your own, ask your neighbours if they know someone who can work for you. But sometimes it is also hard to find good house helpers because most them wants a bigger salary so they go to the city to find work rather than staying in the province.

If we could only afford to have househelpers here in Germany, I would gladly welcome the additional help. I sure could use all the help that I need at home.

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zoan said...

wew,super hirap talaga. may yaya kami dati, for 8 years nasa amin sya, kaso nabuntis, kaya ayun umuwi na sa kanila. ung isa naman yaya ng anak ko 3 years na, mabait, masipag kaso gusto daw muna mag try work sa city, kaya umalis na. me yaya kami bago nakuha after 3 months pinalayas ko na,magnanakaw kasi. ngayon me bago ulit, mukhang okay naman. hirap talaga maghanap ng yaya dito sa pinas :(

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