Saturday, February 19, 2011

Squeaky Clean T&B

How often do you clean your toilets and bathrooms? Because these places are moist and the dirt from our bodies are shed here, these should be regularly cleaned. If you are one of those who value hygiene the most, the norm is usually to clean these areas intensively at least once a week. The shower basin, toilet bowl, sinks, bath tub, bathroom faucets, and bathroom and toilet walls and floors should be cleaned properly. This is to prevent and remove the molds, grime, dust and stain that have accumulated over the week.

Which cleaning agents to use? Opt for the biodegradable ones. They are not only environmentally friendly... they are also health-friendly. You can even make your cleaning solution using lemon juice and baking soda. This will remove the scales formed due to the hardness of the water and they are good whitening agents too. If you like to use a disinfectant especially in the toilet, you can always do so. Just make sure that the toilet is properly aired after you clean.

Happy cleaning and happy weekend everyone!

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