Saturday, February 19, 2011


I recently had my tetanus vaccination and my arms still hurt. I felt like my arm had been overrun by a truck and is bruised all over. I had to take care not to use it so much and was even expecting that I would have a fever because of it. You would wonder why on earth did I get such a vaccination. I am also clueless myself but I guess it is for prevention. You never know when and where you will cut yourself so better be sure. The shot my doctor gave me was a booster, since I already had one as a child. I will need another shot in ten years.

But why is it so important? Here are some facts:

* About 84,000 deaths from tetanus in Africa 2002
* About 82,000 deaths from tetanus in South East Asia 2002
* About 36,000 deaths from tetanus in Eastern Mediterranean 2002
* About 11,000 deaths from tetanus in Western Pacific 2002

*Source: (The World Health Report, WHO, 2004)

Are you protected?

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