Monday, February 28, 2011

A Year Older or Younger?

It actually depends on how you see it. Pessimistic people see birthdays as getting a year older. Optimistic people see birthdays as getting a year younger than the next birthday. Witnessing a young woman's eighteenth birthday celebration last Saturday and celebrating my little girl's third birthday today makes me feel a little bit of both. I celebrate the fact that they have reached another phase in their lives, one who has now more independence but more responsibilities and one who is now more active and has more attention to detail. I also feel, well... old, I might buy HGH to cover up my age.

In a few months, I will turn a year older too. I am thankful for this life though and I hope to make good use of it. I want to have one or two more kids, I want to celebrate life with my family and friends, I want to always be there for my family, I want to grow old and see my grandchildren, I want to check the many "places to visit" off my list and see the world with my loved ones in my own two eyes, I want to laugh, to look at the sunrise and sunset with my loved ones, I want to live with the moment and in the moment because I know that they all will pass, as they always do.

There's so many things in life that I want to do so I might as well think positively. I am even being dramatic and sentimental and all. And it's not even my birthday yet! Lol!

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Eric Manila Blog said...

Let me be one of the firsts to greet you ...Advance Happy Birthday!

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