Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When A Kawaii Baby Turns Into A Lil Dolly...

I have always enjoyed browsing through Azumi, a baby blog which chronicles her growth and development since the day she was conceived. I have seen Azumi grow from one tiny yet kawaii baby to one bubbly toddler. It has been a little over a year now and if you have been following Anzu's story, you'd be delighted at how much she has achieved all these days, weeks, and months. I am glad that Bambie was able to journal her milestones, even the small ones, and archived her growth here for the whole world to see. It just shows how much this young fab momma loves her little princess whom she now fondly calls "lil dolly".

But of course, this blog is not just about little Anzu's everyday antics. It is also about a young mother's journey to motherhood. I always look forward to her Mommy Moments posts, where she shares her experiences as a Mom and also as a wife. Each time I visit Anzu's blog, it's like I am visiting in real life because Bambie shares from the heart. And I am never bored because I am always greeted with Anzu's sweet smiling face, her latest shots and some very adorable video clips.

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