Monday, November 16, 2009

Profound Words from the Heart

I am NEVER a good writer. Whenever the inspiration to write comes, the ideas come rushing through all at once and instead of coming up with a coherent write-up, I always end up with something that is lacking substance. That's why I always envy people who can write beautifully and immortalize their happy feelings and strong emotions into written words. And so, frustrated a writer as I am, I content myself with reading poetry, short stories, and novels of famous and not-so-famous authors and ordinary people.

Jena Isle is one such person, who authors the literary blog Gewgaw Writings. She has an ongoing novel called Umma Ayam Sinsana, a Novel about the adventures of a native Kalinga Man. The ongoing novel is now on its 16th chapter. If you would be diligent enough to read from the very beginning, Benny's character would really get you hooked. His is a fascinating story and I wonder what will happen to him next. I wonder if Jena Isle is in any way related to the Kalingas... because she seems to know their dialect and their culture. I might have to ask...

If you are into poetry, her collection of poems is worth a look. She and a brood of other poets (who are also bloggers) contribute poems every now and then in this blog. The themes vary from humor, emotion, life and death. If you want something new, check it out and have a peek.


Random WAHM Thoughts said...

hehe. babasahin kaya ni jena mga pinagsusulat natin sa kanya? hihi. great write-up, by the way. :D

fedhz said...

hindi ka magaling na writer sa lagay na to? eh ano naman tawag sakin. hihi

Jena Isle said...

Hello Kikamz,

You underestimate yourself, you're a very good writer, able to express yourself clearly and flawlessly. Parang si Rosanna dati ano? lol.

Thanks for that wonderful review. I like it. I would like to invite you to contribute to the next issue of the Inspirational Book. It would be a pleasure having your byline in that book.

You can leave a comment in my blog if you would like to accept my invitation.

All the best.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Kikamz,

I have already posted the winner of the review. Thanks for participating.

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