Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bam-Bam And Her New Look

We call our ride Bam-Bam, a BMW 3-Series 2006 Model and we just love her. She drives smoothly, keeps us safe, has a very quick response and has never failed us during our many short and long distance travels. I guess you could say that we have come to love her. Sam even gets excited when she sees her because that would mean another smooth ride with her.

I have been thinking of purchasing some new car accessories for Bam-Bam this Christmas... like some new LED tail lights so that she will have her own character and personality. My Hubby sometimes gets confused when we are in the parking lot because there are other cars parked with the same model and this would just be the perfect solution to his confusion. Why LED? Because compared to Halogen bulbs, they give far more brightness so that when you are driving in dark areas, your tail lights are still visible. This is important especially in the winter season when the roads tend to get all fogged up and it is very difficult to see whether there is a vehicle in front of you or not.

I hope that these tail lights are available in our car model. So that it will be an all-new look for her.

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