Monday, November 16, 2009

Area Rugs for Your Home

Our homes should serve as a safe haven for our families, a place where they can relax and cool down from the stresses brought about by work or school. That's why it is important to create an atmosphere that is conducive for relaxation.

One way to give a room a more comfortable and cozy feel is by placing rugs at different areas in the house. They also serve lots of functions. They add beauty or accent to a room. Area rugs placed at different focal points around the house can make it more cozy and inviting. They can help unify a room or help create spaces within a single room by varying the color, size and shape. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, they also serve various functions. They protect your wooden or stone floor especially the high traffic areas such as the hallway or the doorway. They also help keep a room warm and can help reduce noise levels. Samantha's room has a rounded rug in it because she sometimes throws her wooden toys all over the floor. The rug does help in reducing the noise.

While most people believe that rugs or carpets usually come with a high price tag, there are lots of available quality cheap rugs in the market these days. Good quality rugs can be hand knotted, made of high quality wool, silk or synthetic.

Allergic to rugs? Here are a few tips that might help:
  1. Opt for low-pile rugs that are made of natural materials like silk, cotton, sea grass or hemp. Compared to bigger and plusher rugs, they are easier to clean and fewer allergens get stuck in the fibers.
  2. Allow fresh air to circulate around the house as this helps eliminate odors from new rugs.
  3. If you are an OC just like me, vacuum your rug at least once a week. Be sure to flip the rug over and vacuum the back too.
Just follow these simple guidelines and you are off for a better home.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi sis, nangangamusta lang bihira na ako makablg huhuhu, so busy here.. BTW, kakatapos ko lang mapanood yung trilogy ng Lord of the Rings, maganda pala hehehe..

grace said...

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