Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Old and Gray

Sooner or later, I know that I will also grow gray hair, loose my teeth and be too weak to tend for myself, all by myself. I know that soon, my children will grow up, leave home and raise families to their own, and Hubby and I will be left alone at the house. I know that it sounds sad but I guess that is the reality of life. But I also know that my children will never turn their backs on us. They might even insist that we have somebody help us in our daily activities when time doesn't permit them to be there. And so I know that they will also need to consider and learn about assisted living and even home healthcare should me or hubby get seriously ill. I don't want to oblige my children to put their lives on hold just because I am too weak to move. And so if they want to help or support me, I would gladly accept their help, but if not, it's okay with me too.

And now that I am on it, I think that when I reach that age, I would prefer to live in Senior Citizens Housing, specifically in Independent & Retirement Living communities. There, I could still retain my residence and lifestyle and enjoy the time I have left doing the things that I want to do. Being old doesn't necessarily mean that you lose your freedom. In fact, being old should drive one to live life to the fullest.

I am glad these services are readily available when they are needed. And I am glad too that I will get the professional care that I need when I need it.


VanillaSeven said...

The best is still enjoy what we have today with our love ones instead of thinking about what if :)

Kikit said...

If my children had money, I would ask them to put me in the senior citizens housing as well. That is kung magkaanak ko. hehe :)

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