Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl Talk: Schokolade!!!

Is it Thursday already? It's amazing how fast the days pass me by. I didn't seem to notice it. But anyway, since it is Thursday, it is Girls Talk! time. This week's theme is all about our Favorite Chocolates.

My love affair with chocolates began when I was in college. Only a few people know that I love chocolates. Hubby doesn't know it but I would always look forward to the days when then-bf-now-hubby would come home for a visit from his school break in Japan because I know there will always be boxes of Meiji chocolates for me. I just love the milk chocolates and the macadamia nuts coated with the rich milk chocolate that he brings home as pasalubong. I also love Toblerone and Hershey's. I could always have my fill with these fattening but heavenly sweets each time I visit my very good friend Sham. She has this HUGE box of them chocolates of every shape, size, color and name! She is my official supplier of chocolates! But now that I am here in Germany, I can no longer enjoy my sweet temptations for free. But I am still happy because I have access to the finest chocolates there is! Ferrero, Lindt, Milka, you name it, the grocery at the ground floor of our flat has it! My latest favorite is Rafaello from Ferrero... which is almond coconut candy. I love the texture and it's not so sweet taste. It has no chocolate in it though... so I guess this does not count for this week's theme. Hehe!

I also always have Snickers. I eat them when I am too lazy to eat lunch. They always give me the energy boost I need. Shhh.. Don't tell Hubby. No wonder I am fat! I don't often indulge myself though since I can't have Sam see me eating them. She loves to eat them too! So I only have a few in my cupboard and mostly in bite-sizes too. I have to watch my sugar and fat intake lest I want to puff like a balloon!

What's in my cupboard: Ritters Sport mini-bar. Lindt Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts. Knoppers (chocolate wafers which is Sam's favorite), Snickers bars, assorted bite-sized chocolate candies.

What's your sweet temptation? Share it with us here at Girls Talk!


My Memories and Crystals said...

I also love chocolates, hmmm but my kiddos love it most.

Thanks for the ad space, I will also put your badge on my blog.

Tetcha said...

Wow! Lots of chocolates in your cupboard. I have to hide chocolates in our house, too, so Justin won't eat all of them in one sitting. I limit his chocolate intake, so he'll eat other foods.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love toblerone too but Merci for me is the best.

riablahgs said...

Oh, I {heart} Lindt!

Chris said...

toblerone.. how could i have forgotten to post that?! :D

Willa said...

When i was still working back in 'pinas, kapag nag aabroad yung boss namin, paboritong ipasalubong sa amin eh yang Lindt chocolates. :)

darly said...

nakakaloka iba ibang klaseng chocolate.. ang saraaap

here's my GT

nikogirl said...

sana makatikim ako someday ng raffaello na yan :)

and katuwa hubby mo di nia pa pansin na mahilig ka sa chocolates eh super dami n ng chocolates sa cupboard mo LOL hahah

thanks for joining kamz ha.. fave pastime tau next thurs! seee u! mwah mwah

and i sent u email nga pla.. re operation smile!

girls rule!
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Kikit said...

i'm not really a chocolate sucker. i eat when i'm in the mood lang. hehe :)

onlinemommy said...

Waaahh so many chocolates! Kahit nde ata ako mahilig sa chocolates kung ganyan karami matetempt talaga ako :D

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