Tuesday, November 24, 2009

T-Shirts Are My Kind of Stuff

I love to wear t-shirts. My usual get-up would be a pair of jeans, flats and tshirts. I love plain colored shirts, sometimes with a unique small print that makes a statement or when I want to show my humorous side, funny t shirts that just send out a hilarious message. I go for shirts that have a character, comfortable to wear, affordable too. My friend has taught me that shirts need not be expensive for them to look good on you. Even cheap t shirts can look cool and classy. "It's all a matter of how you wear them and how you carry yourself while wearing them", she says. And so whenever I go out to shop, I always try to take her with me. She knows which colors and designs suits me and she has good taste. Too bad we can no longer shop together.


Crayons n Pencils said...

I also love wearing funky t-shirts, and I buy most of them from Divisoria because its afforable and it doesn't necessary makes you out of style, and you can wear it all year round, mix and match it with your other clothings. A pair of jeans and a shirt paired off with sneakers is a comfortable wear for me.

Visiting you here along with my other blogs!!!



onlinemommy said...

True mommy! Not only shirt need not to be expensive but other clothes too :). It really depends on how the person carry the apparel :)

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