Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Swans of Schloss Nymphenburg

Are you familiar with the story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen? It is about a bird which grew and transformed into a swan. I really love the story and since then, swans never ceased to amaze and fascinate me with their grace and beauty.

Sunset + Facade of Nymphenburg Palace + Swans in the Lake = Breathtaking View

Last week, during our visit to Munich, we dropped by the baroque-style Nymphenburg Palace, the main summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria, Germany during the kingship days. Today, it is a famous tourist destination not only for its museums and grand halls but also for its man-made lake and swans.

The swans were resting when we got there because it was already late afternoon and the sky is getting dark. We didn't bring bread with us, and my friend Gwayne said that they love to be fed. So we just enjoyed watching them floating idly on the water, their feathers as white as snow, their necks bent gracefully... just beautiful! Then I burst out the question, "Can the full-grown swans fly?" A stupid question, I know, but a question that made us think nonetheless. Hehe! Then Gwayne said, maybe not anymore because their bodies are too heavy. A logical answer. I myself still haven't seen a full-grown swan fly but they do fly, because they also migrate to warmer areas during the winter season.

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