Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Her Psyche

psyche [sahy-kee] noun: the human soul, spirit or mind

She calls herself Peppermayo. Perhaps it's her favorite dip/dressing? And she authors in my psyche, a journal about a woman's journey in life. She highlights the precious and sweet moments but never discounts the difficulties and problems too. After all, a life is never a life without the ups and downs.

Following her stories, you will find the she loves fiction. Her collection of saga books will tell you that she is a booklover with an adventurous spirit. She is a big Twilight saga fan and her excitement is just explicitly expressed in her posts that you'd get pretty excited about it too.

The blog, being a journal, of course contains her daily musings about life.. about her daily ordinary and not so ordinary comings and goings. Reading her psyche, I can empathize with her experience as an expat. We almost have the same story: going overseas to join the hubby and leaving family and friends behind. But it is the life we chose, the life she has chosen and she has no regrets. It's just sometimes, there are really moments when we hope that the friends are there.

Browsing through her site, I am once again reassured and given a soft pat on the shoulders, telling me that I am not alone in this world. That someone out there shares some sentiments the same as mine. And that someone is Peppermayo. Am thankful I found your site.

1 comment:

peppermayo said...

Thanks Kikamz! Glad to know there's someone like you too! Can't explain the Peppermayo thing, I guess it's just one of the words I fell in love with. Haha!

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