Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Old Is Old?

Ate Chris of Inspirational Insights just sent this question my way, "How old is old?"

Cathara is asking "How old is old?" too!

I guess for me, OLD is when you stop to explore new things and stop to appreciate life. Old is when you start to think you are already tired when you have just started doing something. Old is when you miss out on a lot of opportunities simply because you let them slip. Old is when you stop taking care of yourself, and I mean physically! Old is when you cease to exist because you never have a social life! And writing about this makes me feel OLD! LOL!

How about you? How old is old? I’m tagging Shals, Kikit, Madz, Enchie and Niko.

Drop by Cathara Main to see mechanics of this contest too.


Enchie said...

Hehehe! I saw a young Kamz typing this entry :D thanks for tagging, I'll post this asap.

niko said...

gulat naman ako! i will have to think it over tonight and post my answer tom!

asssignment eto kamz! :D

shal said...

hoy ka! lagi gimingaw na ko mag blog. naa koy writer's block.haha! but i enjoy reading yours! someday i will join u in TCP and yellow mondays and all the other memes.
i wish i am a stay at home wifey though so i can do all these.
as of now, its super duper impossible. haha. my net entry is haf-formed in my brain. and my camera is dead so i cant get the pic i want. Toinks.

Kikit said...

k, thanks for tagging me. i'll keep up pagbalik ko ng japan. hehe. i'm so enjoying my break.

thanks a lot for your help sa pens of hope. very successful sya k! :)

Joanne Olivieri said...

Old is a state of mind. Sure as we get older our bodies slow down a bit but it's a matter of how you experience life and how you see the world. I know people in their 3o's who are old just because they are pessimistic and couch potatoes. I also know people in their 70's who travel, walk daily and get out and socialize. So, it's all about how you see things and what you do.

Great post.

cathara said...

well said:) enjoyed reading your post and comments:)

good luck to your entry:) subscribe thru email. will put a link to your blog in my whos hot list too:)

Seiko said...

Natapatawa talaga ako sa last part ng post na to ah Mommy.But those are just numbers.Di ba sabi nila kalabaw lang daw ang tumatanda?:D
Btw,thanks for the visit wjile 'm away & left me good words.I even done w/ the Tag you gave me the last time.eally thanks for tagging me.And it's really nice to be back here,namiss ko talaga kayo promise:)

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